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600 Seven Proxies (2014-03-16)

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0:00:00ACC: “How very dare you, Glenn?!” (1:49:24)
0:00:33Ms. Micky hanging out with DJ Tiësto; ACC: DJ Touretteso; SxSW hookers
0:05:59Reporters at risk in Crimea; Margaret Warner on Crimean ballot: join Russia now, or join Russia later; Venice referendum to secede; JCD: Ukrainians are lazy; companies that do business in Russia worried about counter-sanctions
0:15:55Kerry on exporting natural gas to Ukraine, “change the calculus”; Knight upset about Cheney-bashing; Federal Register, Section 301 investigation on copyright in Ukraine; Putin hates cripples
0:25:22Snowden gang protecting the Googahoobook, seven proxies 4chan meme; Google’s search encryption announcement
0:29:27Steven Levy on the difficulty of doing encryption, JCD: “it’s an advertising agency, they don’t care about encryption”, “They don’t sell it to the government, they do get reimbursed for supplying it to the government…”; internet “year from Hell”
0:44:06ACC’s DNSSec and registrar transfer adventures; ACC’s tips on cheap porn; ICANN takeover by ITU; “digital prepping”; JCD: “this is why you need a ham license” Stingray device use by local police;
0:59:07Producer Segment: standing ovation for Cyber Security Command at UMd game; all episodes on
1:13:35JCD: “I found a new show on TV that is the future of all news”: Right This Minute, YouTube clips as news
1:17:47Mass Equality, NGO/PAC behind Sam Adams St. Patrick’s parade pull-out
1:21:45Flight 370: Evy Poumpouras sneers “I don’t trust anybody”; Q&A skit with JCD being hauled out by security; transponder “squawk” codes 7500, 7600, 7700; ACC: “hey man, I need, you got a right-hand engine for a triple-seven?”
1:36:13Six-Week Cycle recap: specific to FBI, three-named patsy, fake cell phone
1:40:25New book on Snowden by Luke Harding, former Guardian foreign correspondent in Russia (correction: donated, not related, to Ron Paul); Snowden doesn’t fit the sysadmin profile; Greenwald’s reaction in the Financial Times and pseudonymously
1:56:04JCD’s pseudonym “Mark Pugner”
1:57:30Donation Segment: Club 33 update: dry-rot; Mark Pugner, the universal No Agenda pseudonym
2:21:40Ban Bossy: listener notes; pap smears and mammograms (covered under ACA) unnecessary; 66% of the work, 10% of the pay meme originated in 1986
2:30:17Senator Ed Markey: “the planet is running a fever”; James Cameron series Years of Living Dangerously; Chris Hedges to Abby Martin: “well, because they’re not reported”; 3 trillion barrels of oil under Utah (CotD); YoLD trailer; Federal Climate Change Expenditures report to Congress
2:50:30John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, YouTube video on origin of global warming: Roger Revelle, Al Gore, Maurice Strong; “you know what’s going to defeat them? time”; JCD: “we’re all gonna die, let’s get laid!”
3:11:01“Scientists are dedicated” clip from Grimm