Call Clooney!

5 No Agenda 005 (2007-11-24)

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0:00:19Dodgy UK internet connections; British government loses personal details of 25M people
0:04:04Madeline McCann still in the news, competing Natalee Holloway Aruba disappearance story; JCD on Soledad O’Brien’s The Site on MSNBC cancelled after Diana’s death, ACC recommends The Society of the Spectacle
0:10:07Listener feedback call; ACC: Nokia N810 “fucking amazing”
0:15:48ACC on Pakistan mess as excuse to bomb Iran, JCD: “I don’t think they particularly want to be bombed, seems to me”
0:19:02UK disqualified for Euro 2008 football match; opera singer Tony Henry Croation anthem “my penis is a mountain” botch
0:22:28JCD story: Leo Laporte in ear during Silicon Spin; ACC on Tom Brokaw’s masterful MSNBC Bill Clinton interview, the art of QVC yakking
0:25:34Patricia on staged fainting by Marie Osmond: “most cunning woman in Hollywood”
0:27:19JCD on quantum theory and affecting things merely by looking at them, Oakland black guys “what’re you lookin’ at”; John Walker retropsychokinesis theory; voicemail jingle