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59 Smells Like Tee Truffle (2008-11-28)

Show 59 album art
0:00:13JCD’s Thanksgiving delayed by a week because of ridiculous airfares, pheasant with law school sponsee “fourth son”, “dirt cheap” Honduran truffles, Alain Ducasse softball-size white truffles; ACC recommends hemp seeds
0:08:12JCD on PBS history of late-night comedy, Steve Allen “man on the street”, Bill Dana character José Jiménez omitted; Bill Cosby’s war on Amos & Andy
0:13:18Federal Reserve printing press sound effect, JCD: “it’s goin’ at full speed!”, $7.4T; Robert Gates left in place in administration
0:15:43Indian prime minister blames Mumbai attacks on Pakistan, US troops headed to Afghanistan next door, little resemblance to al-Qaeda, Andreas Liveras on phone to BBC before being killed: locked in restaurant; Mujahideen group calls Sky News, “what are our demands?”; IMF deal with Pakistan
0:23:19UK Shadow Cabinet’s Damian Green arrested on suspicion of leaking embarrassing documents; BOHICA “bend over here it comes again”, Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross shitstorm, Strictly Come Dancing contestant John Sergeant continually kept on show by viewers, overweight Popstars contestant; Patricia hassled by Gatwick airport security for un-bagged toothpaste & Chanel, “liquid test”; JCD expecting V for Vendetta event
0:33:56ACC’s club-owner friend trying to get UK Playboy Club license, lap dance with underwear removal, “oh my!”; Patricia’s upcoming benefit concert
0:38:01CNBC on radio penny stocks, crappy AM stereo and HD radio, offer codes; ACC trying to unload his Jaguar, UK car makers all looking for bailouts, “Jag-you-are” pronunciation; national identity card with “other biometric data”, Dutch “electronic child dossier” with pubic hair field, JCD: thousand-year Reich alive and well
0:50:18Feedback on JCD’s Heil PR 40, traveling with “two salamis and a microphone”, JCD rant on women traveling with “a suitcase the size of, like a refrigerator”, ACC on travelers from Mumbai with “crates” at Heathrow
0:57:08Woolworths declares bankruptcy in UK, Zayre and White Front, JCD on Target every two miles, H&M high-end designers, Primark knock-off stores, uncopyrightable fashion and fonts, “Helvs” knockoff, trickle-down fashion, fall colors determined six months in advance to get dyes & fabrics into the system
1:09:13Buckminster Fuller sleep experiments, Dymaxion car, ACC: “maybe I should retract that e-mail with the interview request”, 2012 video: “the sun does not set”, “up and down” vs “out, around, and through”, “spaceship earth”
1:14:21Financial Times: London School of Economics crowd in Obama White House, Bush 41 era Yalies, no more cheering for Obama on talk shows, instant dollar turnaround, Federal Reserve selling $75bn of gold to Iran, JCD: “we only do stuff like this to screw people”, Lindsey Williams $50 oil prediction, Shell shuts down Nigerian LNG operation
1:23:26Outro: Cyber Monday predictions