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599 Nuclear Tipped (2014-03-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “I’ve gotta take a dump, I dont have the permiiit!” (1:00:46)
0:00:36SxSW: backstage with Coldplay; drunk driving in a Prius
0:03:11ACC to possibly become the Honorary Consul to the Netherlands in Austin: ACC: “but here’s the best: I get diplomatic license plates”
0:08:13Glitches in the Matrix: disappearing plane; no evidence of a crash; transponders turned off all the time; half-ton of extra Li batteries waiver; Malaysian object detected by military radar; centralized identification systems
0:20:02Carbon War Room; Aruba partnership; frontal attack on petroleum business; “cost-negative gigaton-scale carbon reduction potential”; Lady Gaga’s Form 990 revealed,
0:31:31The war on “bossy”: Sheryl Sandberg “changed the conversation”, “the other B-word” ACC: “uh, bolo tie? Bolero?”; “it’s because they fear being called bossy, or being disliked by their peers”; 66% of the work, 50% of the food, 10% of the income, 1% of the property; Edmodo and other NGOs; ACC prays fervently for Hillary Clinton’s election
0:53:15Producer Segment: No Agenda art branding rules and style guide
1:08:17Flight 370: Bill Nye on Piers Moron, holding a box
1:09:07Snowden “seven proxies” event at SxSW, pushing encryption to the exclusion of all else; new single-slide “leak” on Facebook spoofing; Ronan Farrow on hero/traitor “survey”; Snowden “firefighters”; Sean Wilentz: “‚ĶPutin is launching a cyber-attack on Ukraine with a malware and so forth”, “Vladimir Putin’s lawyer is his lawyer”, “mirrors within mirrors”
1:28:45Feinstein on CIA computer search, John Brennan: “we wouldn’t do that”; oath of office taken on Amendment-less Constitution draft
1:36:20Liz Wahl Amber Lyon interview on CNN unaired Bahrain documentary (CotD)
1:39:57Aborted Donation Segment
1:40:10JCD’s PBS donation clip (CotD)
1:42:07Donation Segment
1:58:50Careless listeners spamming ACC and JCD with Flipboard
2:01:42Ukraine: ABC News produced piece full of sound effects, “nuclear-tipped missiles”; Marco Rubio on “New American Century”; Dick Cheney: “Obama took it out to appease Putin”, JCD’s use of “tribute”
2:20:25Sebelius on Pre-K: “a birth-to-five proposal”, “evidence-based”, ACC: “learn important skills like pooping!”
2:24:11Sheila Jackson Lee’s “some 400 years”
2:25:39Obama’s appearance on Between Two Ferns; Risk Corridor Provision insurance company bailout; why have open enrollment in ObamaCare?
2:32:45Guess the TV Show: Sub Purgatory; CNN interview with Cosmos’ Neil deGrasse Tyson, JCD: “how can this have anything to do with science when it’s transparently political?”; Harry Reid on climate-change all-nighter, evil Koch Brothers (CotD)
2:50:29Xeni Jardin on NewsHour: “what if this problem is just design limitations?” as the universal answer