Call Clooney!

598 Experiential Evidence (2014-03-09)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hello-ah”
JCD: “Here I come!” (clippety-clop)
ACC: “It’s a Clydesdale!”
0:00:57SxSW: tweets, Ms. Micky wants to see Lady Gaga; ACC’s Quercitin for mold allergy; being au courant a requirement for sending memos to NA; Twitter Google-bombing; Duvall, Redford aging: ACC: “Chapstick!”; JCD: “hey, there’s a couple Nobel prize winners giving a talk — Nah, no, Gaga!”
0:14:08Malaysian Airlines 370: three Boeing stories in a row, possible Airbus connection; ICEO system and stolen passports; Anwar Bin Ibrahim, Jen Psaki
0:25:41Drone poster Knight, all charges dropped
0:26:38Producer Segment: varieties of Tourette syndrome
0:45:45Obama and Wahl both call it “The Ukraine”; Liz Wahl’s “Pu’inist propaganda” on Piers Moron; Thom Hartmann MIA; Abby Martin’s “hectic” life; giggling Liz on Neil Cavuto: “I would not go to North Korea” ACC: “heloooo Kalamazoo!”
1:06:39Ukraine: Merkel raised in East Germany and studied in Moscow; “Gaseuro recycle”, sanctions would hurt Germany as much as Russia; mercenaries showing up; McLaughlin Group shout-fest; no one mentioning Ukrainian nuclear plants, ACC Red Book: nuclear disaster in Ukraine
1:20:43Wes Clark Seven; Kerry as “the Trojan horse-head”; Obama: “according to my guidance”; Samantha Power on destabilization by referendum; gold reserves transfer myth
1:32:59Alan Greenspan on the “great disasters of the 20th century” meme; payback for trying to go off petrodollar; T. Boone Pickens’ private army
1:41:51Unprecedented bookings for Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague
1:44:20Upskirting ruling: “does it ever frustrate you that the letter of the law does not have common sense?”
1:49:17Donation Segment: 33 bags
2:05:47Adam Carolla “patent troll” lawsuit
2:18:35Common Core: Chris Hayes the ultra-fast MSNBC talker; Chicagoland, 50 public schools closed, 50 charter schools named after rich white people opened, Gates Millenium Scholars, Rahm Emanuel’s finger
2:24:50Google Doodle controversy
2:27:45Fukushima anniversary protest coverage: “sixteen thousand people”
2:30:48New meme alert: Christiana Figueres: “experiential evidence”; Eco Company kid’s show, ACC: “I’m getting a vasectomy”; trained by Al Gore;
2:37:23Chinese Human Rights Record of the United States, ACC: “man, we are nasty buggers!”
2:41:22Libya update
2:42:13Petition to suspend Israel over shooting Palestinian football (soccer) players
2:43:51Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery): “if they daughter got pregnant by a black man, they gonna make their daughter have an abortion”
2:49:18Women’s Day: giant female symbol in the Philippines; Princess Project; 20 battle-axes with Code Pink shirts booted from Gaza