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596 Undesirable Nudity (2014-03-02)

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0:00:00Cacophony; JCD: “Hit it!”
0:00:54Texas weather: 73° dropping to 28°, ACC: “the best little vortex in Texas”
0:02:46ACC BBC interview on podcasting 10-year anniversary
0:05:0433 dead and 130 wounded in Xinjiang, China, JCD: “it’s the North Dakota of China. If North Dakota was peopled by Muslims”; Edmonton knife attack, new meme alert, JCD: “maybe the handle, when you grab the handle, it makes a honking sound”; ACC making people nervous handing out 33 bags
0:16:57Average annual starting salary for airline pilots/officers: $22,400
0:20:54Greenwald’s “produce great journalism”, “doing journalism”; Mark Ames PandoDaily piece on Omidyar-Ukraine connection; No Agenda producer tweets to Appelbaum; Greenwald crowd doesn’t seem to get social media; Pando follow-up on Omidyar involvement, no editorial firewall
0:35:28Native advertising: Zohydro ER: “and David, it hits the market this month”; “hagiadvertising” style; Melanie Haiken Forbes article/advertisement with embedded Zohydro ad
0:44:0599Rise guy in Supreme Court on Citizens United; Constitutional lawyer on Supreme Court: “like a freshman Senatorial hearing pandering to the New York Times editorial board”
0:52:07Producer Segment
1:09:22American Red Cross Month, Irish-American Heritage Month, Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day, Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Zimbabwe
1:15:25News Hour on Yahoo webcam story, British/American reciprocal spying; CBS News on “undesirable nudity”
1:27:52Oscars: Dirty Wars vs The Act of Killing
1:33:04Pussy Riot: Putin Will Teach You to Love the Motherland
1:36:42Ukraine: webcam girl Russia position survey; Brolf and Zakaria on suspending Russia from G8, Russia “surrendered during the Cold War”, 2000 troops hoax, Brolf’s Georgia “invasion” lie, South Ossetia, “attack helicopters”; “Are you Russian troops?”; independence referendum moved forward; Ukraine owes $2bn for gas, sweetheart deal on price
1:55:30Latest Tom Clancy novel: “a dictator in all but name”; limits on bank withdrawals; Susan Power: JCD: “she’s starting to sound like Kissinger”; Odessa and “crocodile” drug; Obama still trashing Olympics; Bob Corker on G8: “autocratic petro-state”
2:11:33New “jüdischen Stadt”/“Jewish State” meme, “right of return”
2:16:06JCD’s “Putiiin!” clip
2:17:58Mt. Gox goes down in flames
2:19:10Donation Segment: Club 33
2:36:39My Brother’s Keeper Initiative: “are you talkin’ about you?”; Tavis Smiley on Bloomberg, Emmanuel presence; charter schools; Mitch Kapor blog on the event; JCD: “this is the educational equivalent of Corrections Corporation of America”
2:52:09Nightline on the new drug “wax”: “there is a new drug sweeping America that will apparently blow your mind!”
2:56:30Thom Hartmann RadCast update