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595 Ottomania! (2014-02-27)

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0:00:00JCD: “Well I see the fat lady’s done, so hit it.”
0:01:11ACC’s dental adventure
0:05:43Crimea: Douglas Herbert on East vs West, Russian language; Sergey Lavrov on “Luxembourg partners”; Russian naval bases in Sevastopol and Sochi
0:15:21White House statement on Ukraine, get the IMF in there; Victoria Nudelman/Nuland US-Ukraine Foundation (the usual suspects) speech, Kiev/Kyiv pronunciation
0:21:21John F. “Jerry” Kerry with Andrea Mitchell: Russia on Syria, Libya, Ukraine, “This is not Rocky IV”; Yanukovych yachts and palace; North Korea death by dogs and 122mm shells
0:32:00Samantha Power on Syrians eating cats and dogs; handing out Viagra to Libyan soldiers
0:36:02Why hasn’t Chernobyl card been played? Carpathian Mountains as buffer zone; auctions of the rich and well-connected
0:39:57Producer Segment: evil Kraut Brothers;
0:50:49New trend in media: no longer thank the guy on location; evolution of the co-anchor
0:55:00SPLC on patriot/“militia” groups, FEMA camps; George Takei on Arizona SB-1062: “filled with right-wing extremist religious republicans”; God Loves Uganda, let’s blame all the gay-hate on Christians, Republicans, Scott Lively, and Alec Baldwin; the one anonymous listener who was about to donate but for ACC’s foul mouth
1:17:14House of Cards second season; presstitutes who appeared in it; Hannity native advertising
1:21:05Stoned dogs
1:23:27Boehner’s “Blah blah blah” on Gwen Ifill; head lice from selfies; Angela Merkel’s (Photoshopped) Hitler moustache
1:30:03IBM’s Project Lucy with Watson: “Africa really has no choice but to embrace cognitive”
1:36:58Always start your sentences with “definitely!”.
1:38:20Illegal building on Egyptian farmland
1:40:50Mike Lofgren on Bill Moyers about Anatomy of the Deep State, national security state, Wall Street connection; yottabytes, “tinker-toy power grid”; Silicon Valley complicity
1:48:22Donation Segment
2:02:12Bilateral security agreement with Afghanistan; China moving in, Huawei; Psaki’s sexual innuendoes
2:06:20Sandy Hook: Connecticut shuts down access to crime scene media, felony to provide media; Red Book: Connecticut as the go-to state for Six-Week Cycle activity
2:12:43Common Core: New York outrage about Gates’ inBloom hoovering up student data, Aimee Guidera from Data Quality Campaign: “actionable data”, “ready to be prepared to live up their potential”; Peg Luksik on computer adaptive testing: “we are testing and scoring for the child’s threshold for behavior change without protest” (CotD)
2:36:44Victoza advertisement with a solid 81 seconds of disclaimers “with or without vomiting”
2:40:12New meme alert: Ottomania, JCD: “curiously, the Ottoman footstool is not mentioned”
2:41:43Interruption in global warming caused by volcanic cooling effect; Obama on climate hubs; AndrĂ© Heinz consultant for Nordic Carbon credit trader; Anthony Leiserowitz of Yale Project on Climate Change Communication on “the dismissive”, JCD: “yes, he’s right on all counts!”, CNN Carol: “lots of money”; NBC News on Fukushima Cesium; Nuclear Energy Institute 2014 Future of Energy, JCD: “I know, there are like guys walking around a prop plane with blinders on”; promoting coal, condemnation by association