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594 Tears Will Come (2014-02-23)

Show 594 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Why is anyone wasting their time, under any circumstances?”
0:00:34“El Chapo” Guzm├ín arrest: crickets from MSM; retirement to Switzerland
0:07:20ACC under the weather from face-spitters at art openings
0:09:44Bob Costas Mikaela Shiffrin interview, ACC: “this is like the worst interview ever”; Putin’s visit to Holland House; Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC condemning money-making on Olympics; Gregory Feifer on PBS on Russian “poverty, alcoholism, disease”, corruption, JCD: “open tipping”
0:31:10Pussy Riot “attack” as a music video shoot
0:32:07Ukraine: Yulia Tymoshenko release; goofy-helmeted protester in all the photos; Richard Engel on parliament “passing law after law”; Nuland speech to oil execs in front of Chevron logo; Yanukovych flip-flopped over NATO security agreement: JCD: “it’s like making Kentucky part of the Warsaw Pact”; Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine; Paul Ronzheimer, slick production, Wag the Dog; Catherine Ashton on “human rights violations”
1:01:03Bosnia-Herzegovina “new era of discontent”; Initiative for Better and Humane Inclusion NGO funded by large UN organizations
1:04:26Human Rights Watch on Yemen wedding drone attack: ACC: “If I were a human rights advocate I would say, my recommendation would be, don’t kill people; it’s not nice.”, JCD: “Gilbert Gottfried should be reading this”; ACC: “we’re really sorry for killing your bride, this is a recording”; Ibrahim al-Asiri the master bomb-maker, new and improved shoe bombs, JCD: “What, is that Sylvester the cat?”
1:16:08Producer Segment: Mt. Gox crash; No Agenda tote bags; Ron Boyd’s album art book
1:24:0535 more gay protesters arrested in Boise, Idaho
1:24:25Detroit stray dogs and cats; debt that bankrupted Detroit $1bn less than WhatsApp sold for
1:27:16Ted Nugent’s “subhuman mongrel”; Brolf lying about Nazis; Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok on Erin Burnett, 5x increase in SPLC assets; SPLC salaries, JCD: “they get to join some exclusive all-white club”
1:46:07Dana Bash with Ted Cruz; Michael Savage ballistic on native advertising (Tea Party Express?)
1:51:21Apple’s goto fail code released four weeks before PRISM documents indicated Apple was on board
1:56:12Thom Hartmann RadCast update
1:57:26The Great Global Warming Swindle on IPCC; Bill Nye the Science Guy talks evolution on C-SPAN; ACC: belief in global warming incompatible with belief in God; JCD on genetics “cascade effect”, dogs, cats and Toxoplasma gondii
2:12:14Donation Segment
2:20:37New meme alert: Josh Earnest the new spokeshole on the “wealthy and well-connected”
2:28:50Michelle Obama to Jimmy Fallon promoting ACA: “young people are knuckleheads”; Mac & Cheese, kale chips, portobello mushrooms
2:34:35Kerrigan/Harding resurrected for Olympics, funded by the usual suspects; cubesats, 400 MHz, jammable; JCD’s policy if the story comes up on TWiT