Call Clooney!

593 Abundance of Caution (2014-02-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “I dont care!”
0:01:21JCD: “You wore out a mattress?”
0:02:08ACC at The Austin Club; Stuart Bowen; Texas Senate seat for $500k
0:06:20World Day of Social Justice; Keith F. Burns (Kiev burns)
0:07:10Ukraine: CGS one-minute wrap-up, “election that monitors said was rigged”, “economy is a wreck”; Obama’s red line; ACC: “I think it’s amazing that Putin hasn’t just gone over and punched somebody in the face”; Skull and Bones Kerry running the show; Obama on “the hopes and aspirations of people inside of Syria and people inside of the Ukraine, who recognize that basic freedoms…”, ACC: “Putin clearly disagrees with freedom of speech…”; Call Clooney; O’Biden’s attaboy; Putin may send in troops around Six-Week Cycle time
0:28:02Venezuela situation compared
0:29:09Kerry blew up Geneva 2; Syrian no-fly zones, salaries
0:34:17Ukraine: Crimea separatism: ACC: “I want Texas to be part of Russia right now”, Pussy Riot beaten by Cossacks: ACC: “it was like a bad high school play”
0:42:28Shoe bombs part deux; JCD on a DHS/TSA 10-day cycle; “stepped up the discussion of shoe bombs”, ACC: “Hey Mohammad! How are you shoes doing?”; JCD: “I love al-Qaeder!”; swab device not used in Europe
0:55:07JCD on the 12-hour No Agenda show
0:57:01Producer Segment: Austin seed man (Alex Jones): 60 employees;
1:15:01Register with UN to become NANGO; possible donation amount;,,; base in Africa
1:21:15Chelsea Clinton at Human Rights Campaign; LGBBTQQIAAP; Fashoda incident; Emergent Asset Management African land grab
1:31:27PathAR social media software, “actionable intelligence from big data”; NSA tracked Occupy organizer by phone
1:36:28“Inequality” the new buzzword; Perkins votes by net worth; JCD: “well, I think there’s a lot of potential for heads on a stick”; Tesla selling electric vehicle credits; Fisker Automotive
1:45:08Kerry Jakarta speech: Maurice Strong; “no one disputes some of the facts about it”; climate change as WMD; carpool vs bus; Flat Earth Society; NextGen Climate Action
2:02:24Bill Nye the Science Guy, Marsha Blackburn debate: PG&E statement; Antarctic, 320-to-400 change = 30% flubs/lies
2:11:03Donation Segment: kale: “poor man’s lettuce”
2:25:38Saving stray dogs at the Olympics
2:27:39Queensland’s out of control party laws; selective enforcement
2:32:42Stephen Tanabe “dirty DUI” entrapment scheme
2:35:21General John Allen on Afghanistan mining: “trillions with an s
2:38:03Obama in Mexico for “Three Amigos” Summit; pallets of money for the Sinaloas?
2:41:47Jesselyn Radack on detainment at Heathrow customs
2:50:13First Look The Incest (The Intercept) hires Matt Taibbi; Polk Award funded by INN, in turn funded by the usual suspects; recursive journalism
2:55:15FCC moves in on the internet, JCD: “the camel’s head is in the tent”; Meredith Baker FCC to Comcast/NBC revolving door; should be FTC, not FCC
3:01:12War on passwords: SlickLogin; press “any” key, type in “password”