Call Clooney!

592 Taser Taser Taser! (2014-02-16)

Show 592 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Yeah, they’ve gotta wipe these people out.”
0:00:48NA can be an NGO without a 501.3c
0:05:04ACC drops the Valentine’s Day ball: “flowers, in Texas: not a good match”; In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play), people dropping like flies around ACC, Ms. Micky stops play
0:11:49Edelman study; ski jumper on RT didn’t get the memo; Olympics tearjerking moments
0:15:29Human Rights Watch Tom Malinowski now in drone meetings; Human Rights Campaign: $36m in 2012 revenue, $11m in salaries, paid $3.7m in grants; Human Rights Watch lockstep with the State Department; National Endowment for Democracy; World Press Freedom Index 4% decline,; Samuel Moyn interview on human rights NGOs
0:28:35Facebook’s new plethora of genders; smarmy GLAD PR guy: “gender-nonconforming youth”; gender neutral parenting boom, bullying; balkanization of the social norms; youth rights campaign; Ellen Page comes out; No Agenda officially crowned NGO
0:51:23Producer Segment: JCD’s attaboy to the artists
1:05:2433 bags are out; latest Healthy Surprise box “kale joy with must-eat mesquite”; “greens”, TED “have more kale”
1:12:07Poitras family donated $20m to MIT Institute for Brain Research because of daughter with psych disease; SIM card switching bullcrap; CIA the only civilian security agency; Eisenhower’s farewell speech
1:26:14Olympic announcer: “it’s looking good” or “it’s fucking good”?; the Sochi selfie, “who’s winning the social conversation?”, “billion of kilobytes of online chatter”
1:33:06Obama to Hollande, Hollande to Obama “France and the United States are two countries”; Niger drone base; Africa modernization
1:44:32Gallup poll: “America’s views of Russia, Putin worst in years”: JCD: “It’s about Snowden!”; Netherland’s RTL4 used the same drag queen package; Egyption/Russian $3bn deal on military equipment; Curry/Dvorak Consulting Group on improving Putin’s global image; Joe O’Biden: “in spite of who’s President”
1:57:36Global warming ruining the Olympics; Michio Kaku: “the wacky weather could get even wackier”, “a swirling bucket of cooold air”; Alabama report poo-pooing Forbes global cooling paper; EU directive on increased flooding in UK; flood or rubblize, rebuild; The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
2:22:17Donation Segment
2:32:14Über vs cab drivers in France; Lyft value for value, rating system; UAW attempt to unionize Charlotte VW plant, unions dead in US, Silicon Valley model of part-ownership; value for value system: co-op vs company; “RSS is dead”
2:45:522020 EU civil war; Germans on the dole; too many people for post-industrial countries; The Lancet on developmental neurotoxins, including fluoride, ADA all-in on neurotoxins
2:58:251600 Nazi scientists imported in Operation Paperclip: atomic, biological, chemical weapons; militarization of American society, seventh inning stretch switch to America the Beautiful
3:01:00Clip Blitz: Bahrain still going strong; Syrian peace talks in Geneva round two: complete failure; southern Bulgaria mosque siege; four dead in internet drinking game “neck nominate”; “Taser taser taser!”
3:12:01Snowden accomplice(s) to be revealed soon? Snowden firmly in the thief category