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591 Mipster Intercept (2014-02-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “I just can’t see you on a skateboard.”
0:03:32Nuland said “dets”, not “deeds”; “Klitsch”, “Yats”, State Department hipster valley girl speak
0:08:18Uncle Don in Pyongyang, “cousins with clearance”; Pacific Century Institute; Distinguished Intelligence Medal; Panmunjom high level talks, family reunions; Aunt Meg: “P.S. Don trip low key”; “creaky 40-minute crawl up the mountain” to North Korean ski resort
0:19:40Russia perceived as still in 1985, fast modernization (except Haiti); ABC gay club: shot at, water attacks, gas attacks, morality patrol van; The After: “hate speech in itself is a crime”
0:25:53USA down to #46 from #33 on press freedom, ACC: “reporters without boredom”
0:28:22First Greenwald First Look blog entry, “exclusive photos”; NSA is running the drones, “death by metadata”/pre-crime; drone US citizen, Brolf: “like a scene out of Homeland” Tripoli delta force Anas al-Libi capture; Alberto Gonzalez on BBC: American citizen on American soil; terrorism “fought on US soil in the future”; General Spider Marks: “My answer to that is why not?”, Timothy McVeigh; JCD: “Hello Abdul is that you?” ACC: “No, no it’s Mohammad!”
0:48:52JCD: “Scahill and Greenwald are not going to get along”, media whore Greenwald on fencing documents; Scahill on Adam Gadahn, “jackpot”, “touchdown”; Greenwald’s speech circuit; “we track ’em, you whack ’em”; Greenwald interruption skit; the day we fight back
1:11:34Annual trust survey results: NGOs; survey as reason for NGO co-option;; best face of the company: the guy with the hard hat
1:20:20Producer Segment
1:32:35Comcast to acquire Time Warner cable
1:35:20Phone & pen campaign goes on the road, $10.10 federal minimum wage hike; Costco, more expenses = better for the bottom line
1:48:03Scott Adams on Perkins letter; egging the Microsoft shuttle
1:50:46Janet Yellen’s voice: JCD: “she sounds like an old battle axe from Brooklyn”
1:52:55Burgers in France
1:55:44State dinner for Hollande; ACC’s Hillary invitation; “we respect each other’s sovereignty”
2:00:10Central African Republic: US drone bases in Niger and Djibouti; Jay Johnson: “the threat has evolved”; Clapper: “morphing and franchising itself”; move poppy fields to CAR
2:10:34Kerry on Israel deligitimization efforts; Scarlett Johansen, Roger Waters; SodaStream boycott
2:17:32Donation Segment
2:26:25Central African Republic, “we can’t be seen to be taking sides”; Kampala embassy warning
2:28:50Syria barrel bomb; Homs & Aleppo as pipeline locations
2:32:16African La Sape hipsters, Fight Club
2:34:29Panama Canal: Chinese flag on Costa Rican police cars
2:37:53G├╝len challenged by Prime Minister; Hizmet writer Etyen Mahcupyan says movement is anti-government; protest over internet censorship law
2:41:17Osama bin Laden photos document from Pentagon, ACC: “be on the lookout for a sheet being dumped into the ocean photo”
2:50:45Trouble in Bitcoin paradise; Forbes on No Agenda subscription app
2:52:30RT producer asks Brian, ACC, JCD for comments on Russian laws