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590 Jelly Side Up (2014-02-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “That’s enough rainstick for today.”
0:01:05Rainstick update
0:02:12ACC has lost the Olympic fever; opening ceremony engineer Avdeyev hoax; Samantha Retrosi on Amy Goodman: shilling for Verizon
0:10:52Jane Harman to Brolf: “These suicide bombers or whoever…”
0:15:54Dinner with the O-bots: Richard Engel “you will be hacked” bullcrap; Rachel Maddow and Martijn Krabbé — separated at birth; childless by choice; “Putin’s a power-hungry dictator!”; Koch brothers at it again; USPS; Islam; Tom Perkins & John Doerr
0:41:44Producer Segment; ACC: “this vasectomy brought to you by Verizon” JCD: “Just like your calls get cut off…”;,,,,
0:53:54“Fuck the EU” jingles; RT on the Nuland/Pyatt call; “…Biden to give the current Prime Minister an attaboy”; State Department no-encryption honeypot; “the audio was extremely clear”; conference call; poking Putin; Merkel reaction; Jen Psaki fishing boat joke
1:22:31Dozens of gay protesters arrested in Idaho; four-person Swan Lake protest in London; Grindr message in Russia; Alyokhina & Tolokonnikova ousted from Pussy Riot; t.A.T.u. in opening ceremony; homoerotic ballet
1:32:15Sarajevo rubble
1:34:15Vicodin/hydrocodone as the gateway drug; poisoning heroin supply parallel with US government poisoning alcohol, Paraquat; Pat Buchanan: “Frankly, do you know who finished off the drug business in Afghanistan? The Taliban outlawed it and burned up all those fields…”; Harvard study on Facebook as a gateway drug
1:47:41Donation Segment:; don’t use candle wax as sealing wax
2:01:11Nine months after Roswell incident, April 1948 births; JCD recommends The Day After Roswell by Colonel Philip J. Corso
2:07:07Self-inflicted wounds from a nail gun
2:08:16No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: parking lot flu clinic; ice pick lobotomies; hysteria and the invention of the vibrator
2:11:57JCD: “So Bill Maher is a douchebag” ageist rant with S.E. Cupp all-in
2:17:42Presidential podcast: “year of action”, “pen and phone”
2:18:31Samantha Power on Syria: voice pitch; Brolf & Jane Harman: “Syria is pretty close to Russia”, “Syria is the Afghanistan of 2014”
2:23:02Michel Martelly of Haiti at White House; “rubble’s been removed”
2:30:06Oman’s rail route to bypass Strait of Hormuz; Panama Canal delays, very large gas carriers, and Chinese Nicaragua Canal
2:35:55Fed: bank drills and stress testing February 15 & 16; Six-Week Cycle due March 15
2:36:37Northern California power station attack; Brian Jenkins on Al Jazeera: 1970s New World Liberation Front bombing campaign against the grid; prelude to March 15 cycle?; “there are commercial opportunities here”
2:44:18Thom Hartmann RadCast segment (CotD)