Call Clooney!

58 Cork Grows on Trees (2008-11-22)

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0:00:22JCD in Lisbon, government import/export tech trade show, jaunt to wine country, visit to cork factory, anti-cork propaganda from plastics industry, ACC: “what is cork, cork grows on the cork tree?”, type of oak tree; Martina Navratilova & George Takei on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here; Angela Merkel shoves assistant aside to get at Berlusconi
0:14:01Market hovering near 7286 before Obama announces Timothy Geithner, ACC: “he’s picking a reptile!”, Rahm Emanuel “look”; JCD’s microphone picking up a radio station
0:21:32JCD’s winery tour, inability to speak Portuguese; ACC on Europa TV in 1983; new British law against patronizing sex slave prostitutes, JCD: “read this over, sign it, and we’ll talk”, California laws enforced “on an as-needed basic”, civil forfeiture of car, low sex crime rate in Nevada, failed San Francisco ballot initiative, “300 roses”
0:31:00Big three automakers flying in private jets to Washington D.C. to beg for money; German Opel bailout, the end of the Yugo; JCD on antitrust law and “too big to fail” Citibank; Martha Stewart conviction, revenge for Mark Cuban’s involvement with Loose Change 9/11 film
0:42:51Bluster and snow in UK, canceled flight to Netherlands, ACC offered Fortis Bank jet for $5M, no longer interested in cars, driving Rolls-Royce into New York for seven years, Giuliani got rid of squeegee guys, “ladies and gentlemen” subway beggars
0:50:21Somali pirates hijack oil tanker, Blackwater private navy, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Erik Prince; Putin’s six-year term as president; End the Fed rallies, Bernanke called “head of the central bank” in Europe; JCD’s Slingbox and SlingCatcher, ACC in the market for DSL and cable modem; Tennessee’s $9.8M for universities to crack down on filesharing
0:59:56JCD checking out early to go take photos of Lisbon like a Japanese tourist