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587 People the Board (2014-01-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “Wait a minute, let me change my icon so I reflect my sympathy with the Ukrainians”
0:00:26Seafood at Grand Central Station; JCD’s menu collection
0:02:28Rainstick recap
0:03:28Grammys-advertising integration; 33-couple wedding; dead segment; Katy Perry “Dark Horse” as advertisement for Disney’s Maleficent
0:11:40State of the Union: 33.3 million viewers; JCD imitates hyperactive Brolf; ACC: “who styles these women?”; Obama’s pen and phone, JCD: “for one thing, they should have impeached him on the spot”; Costco speech
0:19:20Tom Perkins letter; ACC & JCD debate danger of popular hatred of the 1%, wealth tax
0:33:17Obama on income inequality; breathy-voice emphasis; “the best selling truck in America”; “screw the rich” meme; ACC: “Why are we all-in on pre-kindergarten?”; “climate change is a fact”; “God bless America” and lapel pins; wounded warrior applause; Constitutional basis of State of the Union
0:49:22Feinstein in 2010: attempted terrorist attack in next 3-6 months
0:50:44Senate Intelligence Hearing: buxom “you’re fired” Code Pink girls; “Eric”, “Edwin” Snowden; Snowden: “accomplish my mission”, “my government service”; Clapper performative-heavy non-answer on Executive Order 12333; DIA Michael Flynn on Snowden damage to military: “three miles high”; economic spying; CIA propaganda: publish it overseas; Red Book: wounded warrior result of leaks; Matt Olsen: ACC “so they stopped using Skype”
1:21:04Producer Segment: ACC “you like Horowitz better than you like me”; liberals ditched art for STEM; JCD and ACC cruise control stories; 2030
1:40:59Heiss white paper finally released; Uprising of Love, Arcus Foundation; Amnesty International concert with Madonna and Pussy Riot: JCD: “you might as well have three versions of Yoko Ono”; BBC at Sochi gay bar
1:52:14Ukraine: Haiku Herman welcoming Putin to Brussels; Eastern Partnership: “pipeline states”; DCFTA;; geographical indication phaseout, e.g. Champagne; homegrown-looking by BWD Inc; Vitali Klitschko powder fire extinguisher video
2:09:05HSBC not allowing cash withdrawals, alternative media: “bank run!”; J.P. Morgan Chase suicides: 33-story building; Lesse Loskarn hanging suicide
2:17:10Justice oversight committee: Leahy to Holder on domestic drones: JCD: “I’ll summarize: we’re getting drones”; Gitmo facts and figures: “dispose of some”; Grassley Amendment “now paying considerably more for their healthcare”; prison population grown by 500% over 30 years, 13 of Justice budget
2:27:54Donation Segment
2:36:36BBC interview with Gülen the “moderate Imam” in “self-imposed exile”; Turkish Central Bank set interest rates to 12%, Lira now lower; Erdoğan moving “too fast”
2:39:45Obama to Jordan soon
2:40:57Super Bowl prediction: Colorado flooding and shootings, ACC: Seattle, JCD: Denver
2:46:37Natural gas prices up
2:47:00Bitcoin: Charlie Shrem arrested on money laundering charges
2:47:58Wine sales in China higher than France
2:49:37Criminal Minds “taking a flu shot filled with cancer”
2:50:18Schumer on the shield law: “people the board”