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586 Sustainabale Orban (2014-01-26)

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0:00:00JCD: “I will not get a fair trial in the United States.” (2:21:36)
0:00:33Rainsticks for California
0:01:23Federal vs State law: Fed law trumps (Supremacy clause) State only if it pertains to an issue left to Congress to regulate
0:05:33ACC: “Jews and Muslims: on the behalf of the rest of us, can you work this shit out already??”; ACC’s father getting baptized; Dutch clandestine church;; ACC “I’m going to this thing, and when they get to my dad, I’m playing Cat Stevens!”
0:25:33Producer Segment: ACC: “and, your speakers are muted again”; Bob Geldof on 2030
0:39:33Davos: Marissa Mayer the oracle of finance; can’t tell who you met at breakfast; “victims of climate change”; ACC: Ban Ki-moon “has the personality of a dishrag”, “sustainable orban”, “transportations biodivorsities”, “we have only tree years”, 2017 collapse reference?
0:50:59Al Gore: “climate-related extreme weather”, “really hurt the fight to improve health”, “400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs going off every day”; climate change responsible for Syria
0:57:57Bill Gates pushing Monsanto, “development agenda”, “better seeds”, “I think climate’s got an awareness problem; Unilever CEO: ”climate change economy“, ”Future Awesome“ (CotD), ”get the Twitters, the Facebooks, the Googles“, ACC’s frenzied imitation
1:12:08Six-Week Cycle: mall shooting vs Russian bomb maker; Death Master File; owner of Fire & Ice store plugging the store on newscast
1:29:30Turkey: central bank intervention; Qatar pipeline; gold vs petrodollars active in Turkey & Ukraine, supports “expansion of freedom in the world”
1:45:02Human Rights Watch another State Department operation; Kerry on starvation as a war crime; new vocabulary item titushky a.k.a. agent provocateur
1:48:36Vietnam protests against China over the Spratley and Paracel Islands, JCD: “gee, I wonder who’s behind this. And they’ve got the island meme!”
1:51:14Producer points out Denver dispensaries meme as Starbuck’s commercial
1:52:38Donation Segment: JCD’s strip club story; Club 33
2:09:24PCLOB report concludes program is illegal, Obama has thrown data storage question back to Congress; minimal impact on Najibullah Zazi plot; JCD: “Peter King is a douchebag”; Board chairman sworn in five days before Snowden leaks, Board competence an unintended outcome
2:19:14Snowden deal telegraphed by Holder in New Yorker interview: “acceptance of responsibility”; Snowden doing online chats with Jake Tapper; Mike Morell now at CBS, “incidents” in Hong Kong, “I think about it in three buckets”, JCD: “there’s no way Snoden’s got anything in the cloud”; JCD: “this guy will start at 50k”; hotshot attorney will make the deal happen
2:32:33New York police chief arrested for child pornography; porn on Pentagon computers: Tor nodes; Lamar Alexander assistant Ryan Loskarn’s two-to-the-head suicide; “Hill happy hours”
2:41:29BBC: prison population higher because of “effect of exhaust fumes on the brain”
2:42:14ACC: “I have Olympic fever, I really do”; dire warnings to Olympians from Chuck Hagel; package on private security companies; Heteroflexible Man jingle
2:47:37Guess the Movie: Terror of Mecha-Godzilla
2:49:56Breaking news: Justin Bieber has been arrested