Call Clooney!

585 Dhimmi or Dead (2014-01-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “We’ve been here six years, we’re married, we’ve got two kids.” (0:45:28)
0:00:35ACC has cedar fever
0:04:39Weather juxtaposition clip: Minnesota vs California
0:06:22BBC on Maunder Minimum, sunspot effect on climate; JCD: “When was the first time you heard that if we don’t do something this year it will be too late?”
0:15:14Geneva 2 protocol: Iran uninvited; Caesar the informant and Carter-Ruck; ACC: “When a guy can’t say the word reliability you gotta think he’s lying”
0:25:33Justin Bieber arrest Red Book debate
0:26:38Montreux; Ban Ki-Moon on $6.5bn for Syria; Turkish Kurds; Eurabia and Dhimmitude: Theo van Gogh, Pim Fortuyn, Ayaan Hirsi Ali; JCD: “Uhhh. Uhhh. Grand Theft Auto’s a good game!”
0:49:16Producer Segment: ACC: “a hail of bullets”; the term “meltdown” semi-legit; ACC’s impending purple roads gig
1:03:55Olympics: Black widows in Sochi; press package skit; Hugh Laurie pouring vodka down the drain
1:20:12F-Russia: the elusive white paper; Putin links gays to pedophiles
1:13:59Thom Hartmann on Gitmo, gun control
1:23:17Bill Maher on electoral college; JCD on media in favor of removing the college
1:32:18Joris Demmink to be prosecuted for Pedobear activities
1:33:59Donation Segment: SLAPP; JCD’s alternative reality reading list; Kindle Paperwhite
1:52:54Obama flub: “Dominican Republican”
1:54:03Silicon Valley shuttle buses: “income (in)equality”; Google bus rap song; JCD on trailer parks
2:03:13DEA’s Capra lying about legalization: “In every part of the world where this experiment has been tried, it has failed, time and time again” ignoring Portugal, “Billy and his bong in the basement”
2:06:53Deferred prosecution agreement between Justice and HSBC
2:08:01Litigation with EPA over gas-fired power plant permitting; Federal vs State law
2:11:38Netherlands referendum on EU
2:13:56Refugee numbers: “rubble-ization of the world”; “Call Clooney”
2:17:29Native advertising: Nativo; “A Blow for Honda”; JCD: “The one food you didn’t know will kill you”
2:32:59International public service announcement on Voice of America: Rewards for Justice program offering up to $10m to informants on Benghazi
2:36:11ACC: “Proof that Davos has completely jumped the shark”, young global leaders: Randi Zuckerburg
2:36:532030 Survival Guide
2:37:36Ukraine F-Russia activities, Victoria Nuland: “protest for basic human dignity and justice”, “…and America supports these values in every country on the planet”; Gulf Coast & East Coast natural gas terminals
2:42:11New TPP chapter leaked, Russia the source of outrage?
2:43:46Fashionable protests in Thailand