Call Clooney!

584 Hybrid Pigs (2014-01-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “I do have a little, uh, entremet.” (2:31:39)
0:02:34ACC: Tony Bennett performance
0:04:22ACC serves up double dip depression slave stew and limoncello
0:08:11JCD’s Windows 7 machine back up and running, zapped BIOS
0:11:17Executive order 12333; SigInt PPD; Obama speech: ACC: “it’s like he has angel wings made out of American flags”; “moreover” as MS Word auto-correction; “…in which a bomb could be built in a basement”
0:39:30ACC: “let’s go back to May 23, and listen to what the President actually said”; media shield law; non-journalist Snowden joining Freedom of the Press Foundation
0:45:23Bill Maher with Greenwald, discrediting internet journalists; “…and then he says something totally batshit”
0:57:08Executive Order 12333 amendment 13355; ACC “I can do color”
1:01:22Feinstein and Rogers; ACC: “new bombs are being devised in basements in Boston”
1:17:28Producer Segment:
1:31:12Drugs in Syria; Bennies; Bob and Ray
1:39:10Bachelor’s Juan Pablo Galavis “no gays” controversy; marketing skit
1:43:08Russia anti-gay white paper to be released; reaction to Colorado’s amendment 2
1:49:52MIT report on Syrian rocket being fired by rebels; ACC: “Hey Bieber, Bieber, Bieber, throw some eggs somewhere, man, they’re onto the rocket shit!”
1:52:22Panama Canal expansion project suspension
1:55:50Occupy guy rant over megaphone
1:58:52Donation Segment
2:07:29Amy Goodman in Tokyo, anti-nuke propaganda “on the roooad”
2:23:02No Agenda listeners and chatroom resources who think ACC & JCD are making everything up
2:26:51New York State education bills: psych screening and parent support instruction programs
2:31:32Entremets, ACC’s 142° for “what temperature”
2:33:00Guess the Movie: Conan the Destroyer
2:35:29Target debacle; Experian
2:38:04Banking: who tracks the numbers? ACC: “What marketing genius told you that I have 15 thousand dollars laying around the house?”
2:44:28Hybrid pigs in Fukushima; “Our smell makes them happy”
2:48:20World Radio Japan News on TEPCO’s business plan
2:51:19Proofpoint internet of things cyber-attack press release
3:01:07Turkish Lira hits a new low; protests against “draconian internet bill”; ACC: “Anderson Pooper to Turkey!”
3:04:31The Austin anti-fluoride hunger strikers are gone
3:04:57Egypt votes “yes”: 98%