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582 Eradicate Misery (2014-01-12)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ap, noop, ah, I’m always confused!”
0:00:53Six-Week Cycle in 2 weeks; JCD predicts Indianapolis; producer Matt calls in to C-SPAN
0:06:53“ITM” to JCD from San Francisco cabbie; JCD’s 21-year-old Lexus has never blown a lightbulb; 1000 hours
0:09:20More on the Six-Week Cycle; Indianapolis on CBS News (show 581) and on PBS/BBC America
0:12:03Turkish Parliament fisticuffs; organized protests; Gülen schools; ACC: “rubble is coming”; Cosmos Foundation; let the country rubble-ize itself then bring in the contractors
0:23:5233 World News: 33,000 foreign nationals evacuated from Central African Republic
0:26:31More nuclear engineers listening to No Agenda after Hiroshima Syndrome linkage in show notes; GE to develop backyard and neighborhood nukes; petrodollars
0:30:56Russia’s 6bn dollar loan to Ukraine for nuke development; Chernobyl as weapons plant originally
0:33:24“Alternative media” on TPA, TPP, TTIP; US gas for all; nuke for all
0:49:26Phony jobs numbers; ShadowStats
0:53:00“Heil everybody”: everything is just peachy
0:58:48Stanley Fisher to be Fed vice-chairman
1:01:46Christie-gate “I am a very sad person today”
1:03:01Producer Segment: ACC’s dinner with the banker; desperate plea Newsletter pays off
1:18:38Universal Basic Income petition in the EU; ACC: “Free money!”; JCD: mailing list scam à la Video Professor
1:30:31Sochi Olympics: terrorist threat; Ron Wyden: “the very, very hostile hostile actions Russians have taken towards gay people” (CotD)
1:41:14West Virginia chemical spill; JCD: “they wouldn’t even name the chemical”
1:49:23India Club to close
1:51:43French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala “quenelle” salute; Hollande alleged affair
1:56:23Vermont’s major heroin problem; ACC: “Four dollars for a bag of heroin??”
1:59:23Two and a Half Men over the top sexual innuendo
2:01:25Target admits 110 million people affected in credit card hack; ACC: “and time for some cyber-legislation, everybody”; Target’s cyber-forensics lab; Leahy amendments to CFAA
2:06:37Global cooling reconfirmed: the snowy owls are, apparently, not what they seem; Al Roker freakout
2:11:20Brian the Gay Crusader on his white paper
2:12:07Donation Segment: NYT now doing native ads
2:28:58Obligatory H1N1 segment; ACC: “Now you need a second shot??”; Tamiflu shortage; not a pandemic yet
2:38:15JCD CES report: “we used to rush home to turn on the washer and dryer”; JCD dishwasher wisdom
2:43:02AT&T and Verizon’s sponsored data plans; JCD: streaming 4K
2:44:19John Miller on journalist vs intelligence officer (same thing); Geoffrey Stone on NSA metadata recommendations
2:47:15EU popularity dropping
2:49:46Ms. Micky’s Red Book: war is coming, starts in Turkey and spreads westwards; the “Micky hates Israel” meme