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581 Message from the Future (2014-01-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s time for the thut.”
0:01:24Sergeant Fred at the Podcast Awards
0:03:36Marissa Mayer CES keynote; Katie Couric & David Pogue; JCD: “She sounds like Alex Jones!”
0:17:05Ms. Micky photographing Professor Russ’ human brains
0:18:05E-mail from Ryan on proposed “Shemales on E-mails” show
0:18:28National Cervical Health Awareness Month (Gardasil promo)
0:18:52No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: flu tents; “pandemic” standards lowered; people “testing positive” for H1N1; younger victims; clip: “several months”; Tamiflu price hike due to ObamaCare
0:32:20Red Book: Amazon pharmacy; IBM Watson reboot
0:35:31Uncle Don and Aunt Meg meeting to happen
0:39:10Dennis Rodman speaking coherently; North Korea “open for business”; Kenneth Bae
0:46:30Greenwald crowd’s anti-Israel stance; Narus & Verint Israeli companies; NSA-Israel connection; US-Israel connection
1:06:12Anti-CIA propaganda: John Rizzo on CIA coke to Hollywood, questions to Washington Post/Amazon on disclosure; CIA runs Gülen; Kim Dotcom targeted for being German
1:15:05First Leviathan gas field contract to Palestine Power Generating Company
1:15:50Angela Merkel’s cross-country skiing “accident” in Switzerland
1:17:30Producer Segment: ACC outed as a time traveler
1:30:04No Agenda Diet
1:31:45Hillary 2016: Gates/Carney O’Biden screw job; facial hair = something to hide; Hillary’s new haircut; e-mail list; Gates’ Medal of Freedom
1:42:47Christie-gate: bully meme; CBS News: anonymous smoking gun text message
1:51:10Virginia delegate Mark Keam’s proposed criminal cyber-bullying ban (HB 834)
1:54:02Polar vortex as global warming; Al Sharpton’s bubbling laboratory: “global warming scientologist”; Joe O’Biden “global warmem, global warmer de… deniers” (proposed evergreen); John Holdren video
2:06:45CBS News: “In Indianapolis, where Miguel Silva was shoveling snow…” messaging; JCD: “I think we have to keep an eye on them”
2:11:26Fukushima: steam, not fallout; China all-in on nuke; KPIX hit piece on Geiger counter video
2:17:40“Disgusting gurglings of Thom Hartmann”: U.S.S. Ronald Reagan is nuclear
2:18:52Donation Segment: shows like CSI poisoning jury pool
2:30:02Rob Ford media hit job
2:31:22Target cyber-attack: cyber-legislation; cyber-weapons inspectors
2:34:22Tweeting city clerk noodle boy
2:38:50War on Crazy: “adjudicated as a mental defective”
2:41:26Future of movies according to George Lucas; JCD: “Would anybody pay 150 bucks to go see Anchorman 2?”
2:44:41McDonald’s counter to “Supersize Me”
2:46:30No need to send us links to Conan local news pieces
2:47:36Mac OS Snow Leopard Launch Services “Mac Molasses” fix
2:49:25Hashtags in e-mail subject lines
2:50:34Recycling as the career of the future
2:54:33Diane Sawyer: drunk again