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580 Hiroshima Syndrome (2014-01-05)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey, dude, did you see my cookie?” JCD: “Hey man, I’m short one cookie!” (0:05:03)
0:00:37JCD and ACC argue about Windows 8; JCD: “I wanna touch my screen”
0:02:35Props to JCD for weed cookie prediction;
0:09:56Key part of Utah bigamy law unconstitutional
0:10:29NDAA 2014 swapped out and a new one signed; offensive military cyber operations; Principal Cyber Advisor; Council of Governors; cloud computing; cyber weapon proliferation, JCD: “Pings must be banned!”; Conflict Records Research Center “to facilitate research and analysis of records captured from countries, organizations, and individuals, now or once hostile to the United States”
0:39:16Podcast awards; This Week in E-mail; Kickstarter for a new e-mail client; official No Agenda spelling of e-mail
0:49:09NDAA electromagnetic spectrum grab; internet kill switch
0:52:13Texas 5GHz mesh network running on old routers; ham snitches
0:54:36Producer Segment: CES: ACC: “The Biebs Shows You How to Tweet”
1:15:56ACC: “we don’t run any infrastructure; we can’t afford to”
1:16:53JCD on Taco Bell sauce packet messages: “Holy crap, how many people are getting their proposal from a taco sauce package?” (Red Book)
1:19:38War on Crazy: two new executive actions on mental health and guns
1:24:23Bezos kidney stone; JCD kidney stone story, JCD’s travel tip: “drink more water when you’re traveling”
1:26:55Robert Gates “fall” down the stairs
1:28:24Climate-gate: Polar Star to the rescue; Spirit of Mawson, prices starting at $16,900 per person
1:38:21Deep freeze USA: kindlin’ wood; U.S.S. Ronald Reagan sailors with radiation poisoning; Thom Hartmann: “dirty bombs”
2:01:28Pioneers of Television on PBS: Smothers Brothers cancellation; ACC: “within two months, Curry and Dvorak were never heard from again”; Pat Boone and Harry Belafonte; Nat King Cole; PBS won’t say who the sponsors were
2:11:13Donation Segment: venison black bean chili, ACC: “Oh look, here’s the pictures of the deer it came from!”; Club 33
2:28:17“IC on the Record” Tumblr “transparency” site, JCD: “No objections, done”; Robert Litt letter to the editor on Clapper lie to Congress: “when we pointed out Mr. Clapper’s mistake to him, he was surprised and distressed” ACC: “wow, best legal defense ever!”
2:36:52Brand Snowden is alive and well; PRISM discontinued in 2011; Jesselyn Radack, lawyer or legal advisor? Kristinn Hrafnsson the new brand Wikileaks
2:53:43Google’s attempt to conceal class action lawsuit on Gmail snooping
2:56:43And Now Back to Real News: baby George; best dressed star of the year; Putin on ice at Sochi, freedom of speech zones; Glenn Beck on hetero-fascism
3:01:37Russia white paper progress
3:03:03Kim Jong Un’s 120 starved dogs