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57 Michelle Oprah and the Strippers (2008-11-15)

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0:00:17ACC all-in on Newark Airport, week in New York meeting advertisers, FlashDancers visit, shellshocked Lehman Brothers bankers, JCD strip club tour with author friend, outrage at advice to go to Atlanta, “they dance nude down there!”, “vultures” looking for out-of-towners, ACC story: Think New Ideas post-IPO with the traders
0:13:14ACC’s MTV outtakes VHS tape, Downtown Julie Brown, ACC: “what she never had was talent”; Sirius-XM merger, JCD on venture capitalist friend’s Bentley iPod port, satellite radio cancellation in favor of podcasts, ACC’s single feed, JCD’s ad:tech speeches on CD
0:26:47The Globe: Michelle Obama attacks “kingmaker” Oprah, Patricia: Oprah hot for Obama; Rahm Emanuel on Freddie Mac board, Hillary Secretary of State rumors, ACC: “it’s the right gig for her”; Bill Maher ranting about Palin country of Africa hoax, Men in Black comment on National Enquirer “research” material; ACC recommends The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Woodward & Bernstein’s unprecedented investigative journalism
0:39:29Isle of Jersey children’s bones, sketchy change of investigation, “animal bones” conclusion; JCD on Mac buy-in and “information materialism”, ACC on Windows “life without walls” ad and Mac walled garden, “I’m a PC” ads, ACC the Mac fanboy; ACC: Android a possible laptop platform, Microsoft Surface coffee table at hotel; Netherlands going open-source, ACC: “hats off to the IT people of the world … that is not an easy gig”
0:53:27Jan Peter Balkenende at G20 summit even though Netherlands is not a G20 country, ACC: “it’s a photo op”, ECB calling for IMF New World Financial Order; automotive industry seeking $50bn bailout, airlines and newspapers next
1:00:09JCD headed to Portugal by way of Frankfurt; ACC’s high-quality sound from LAV, JCD on MEMS Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, Countryman microphones
1:05:30United 175 CSI-style “zoom enhance” cockpit photo; UK license plate readers; CSI instant fingerprint-running and “keep him on the line” eye-rollers; Australian internet censorship starting up, Silicon Valley whitelisting scam
1:14:21ACC’s “Bear Stearns, a J.P. Morgan Company” business card photo; buying opportunities with AMD stock at $2, ACC on stepfather eating out of trash cans during WWII, dumpster-diving “freegans” in California; UK telethon to raise for children a fraction of the money given to banks, JCD on riots, Lee Iacocca’s dollar a year
1:22:21Obama’s “national civilian security force” Brownshirts; JCD: switch to digital TV for spectrum selloff, four KQED sub-channels
1:30:07National Enquirer pictures of Cindy McCain making out with younger man, John Edwards busted for affair, gay prostitution ring run out of Barney Frank’s apartment in 1980s, full circle to Michelle vs Oprah