Call Clooney!

578 Blast Wave Accelerator (2013-12-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yeah I do! Shaddap!” (1:51:45)
0:00:30On e-mail attachment file sizes; usenet gopher server & UMN gopher T-shirt
0:12:12Anderson Pooper roundtable on 2013 scandal buffet; JCD: “Who’s that laughing hyena?”
0:13:52Christie neck-and-neck with Hillary (cycle starts 24 months out with candidates in dead heat)
0:18:29NY Times ludicrous report on Benghazi (pro-Hillary propaganda)
0:23:04Berkeley Freedom Club, Act of 1871
0:26:40ACC: “This guy’s on the beach! With a Geiger counter! And it’s going crazy!”
0:29:00Michelle Obama taking call in NORAD Santa Claus tracking over South Sudan, Rwanda
0:33:56JCD watching “House of Cards”; Duck Dynasty un-suspended (as predicted)
0:36:28John Wayne Gacy execution clip from May 1994 on ABC News site run-down (CotD)
0:42:48Sandy Hook: ACC: “Case closed, people!”; ACC: “How do you know they’re graphic if they’re redacted, lady?”
0:55:58Producer Segment: Freddy No Agenda jingle
1:09:32The Butler film: revisionism on JFK assassination and black-on-Jew violence
1:12:40Shooting sprees ending in suicide; JCD: “Stay home, people! Be fearful! Do not leave your house!”
1:14:35Producer Brad on FEMA’s Active Shooter Course; ACC: “saving the crap out of you”
1:23:14Tyra Banks on fat talk
1:26:03JCD’s column on “ is dumb”
1:28:25Penalty for crack vs powder cocaine; Holder lawsuit not mentioned by NAACP
1:32:40Glenn Greenwald’s hour-long keynote at Chaos Communication Congress; ACC: “doing shtick on a videoconference is not a good idea”
1:38:11Lingerie football slaves; JCD: “Don’t work for free!”
1:43:41No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: “not too late” to get vaccinated; “I thought I was gonna die”; JCD: “How come she didn’t get the vaccination?” (CotD)
1:49:03Vitamin supplements will kill you; ACC & JCD Centrum project manager skit; JCD: “We’ve already got a piece in the can, we’ll run it tonight!”
1:51:56Donation Segment: why aren’t Branson and Musk doing moon landings?
2:07:39Why is Clinton swearing in Bill de Blasio?
2:09:03Why is only RT covering riots in Turkey? Erdoğan vs Gülen
2:19:45New reality show: “Rich Kids of Instagram: Stuck on Ice”
2:22:37British anti-bullying law; ACC: “all humans are born evil, I am convinced of it”; LGBBTQQI suicides attract the same pharma lawyers; IPNA
2:28:39Obamacare heroin; can’t verify Obama’s identity
2:31:26Nutty lady from; internet of things; blast wave accelerator
2:38:24Six-Week Cycle: Ciancia pleads not guilty; corneal image extraction
2:39:55Charlie Rose: digital sound has dehumanized us; “holes in the data” superstition
2:42:22Predictions: ACC will get into a row due to an iOS group chat; JCD will drop a phone; JCD will buy a new phone; ACC: a bioweapon will be released from a space station; JCD: Six-Week Cycle will end; ACC: San Andreas fault will rupture in SoCal; JCD: famous government stooge celebrity will be killed; ACC: Turkey will be invaded; JCD: Apple will fail
2:50:05Outro clip: ACC “There is no necessity for a network of anything any more” remix