Call Clooney!

577 Scripted Fat Talk (2013-12-26)

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0:00:00JCD: “And it’s, it’s lame. It’s just lame.”
0:00:32JCD’s crappy Skype connection; lame Skype on Windows 8
0:02:08ACC: “the girls are here”; The Domain — Celebration FL clone with Windows store; vagina logic
0:09:26Bart Gellman Snowden interview: “mission accomplished”; amnesty program in Susan Rice interview; “tech companies upset” meme
0:20:51Susan Rice’s husband Ian Cameron former ABC News executive producer
0:24:29Sticky-mouthed Mike Morell
0:29:16Mike Rogers’ “Christmass cheer” on Snowden; “al-Qaeda on the rise again”
0:37:23Obama press conference: “skip town”; ACC’s loud camera click theory: question never played, only answer
0:43:56Snowden’s alternative Christmas message from inside a bucket, obviously written by a journalist; response from Carol Costello on CNN: “I don’t know how to feel about it”
0:52:38Cleversafe, In-Q-Tel & Datatility; Chicago connection; 10-exabyte storage
0:56:05Greenwald to deliver keynote at Chaos Communication Congress, South by Southwest
0:56:47Dennis Blair interviewed by Zakaria in spite of lifelong nondisclosure agreement; ACC: “look out for them twits!”
1:06:21Producer Segment: high price of ammo
1:17:28Professor Russ on forensic evidence as junk science
1:21:17LGBBQQI is the official acronym now; gay guy gets sex change and becomes lesbian — common occurrence; gay/lesbian bullying; O-bots on Russia
1:27:13Freedom Club of Berkeley: straw man, fractional banking, quantum energetics; 1933 “bankruptcy”
1:45:23Sailors suing Navy over Fukushima cancer
1:47:47Ask Adam: who, what, when, where, why on Today Show clip on Justine Sacco tweet; ACC “What company?”; Dallas Buyers Club CYA ending
1:54:42Matt Lauer accidentally tells truth: “you cannot believe anything you see in print or on television”
1:57:26Fat talking: “it’s like you’re bullying yourself”: Kellogg’s Special K
2:02:32Donation Segment: JCD story: Macon GA gas station pile of dead bugs; Club 33
2:14:08Paul Walker Reach out Worldwide charity Haiti activities
2:19:05Call Clooney: Not on our Watch Inc, The Enough Project, Satellite Sentinel Project, Center for American Progress, John Prendergast
2:25:45Economic hit man on South Sudan: 2 minutes away from Rwanda-like genocide
2:27:59Samantha Power on Central African Republic and Sudan: “…creating the best product possible”; rubble: FDR Drive from Bristol rubble
2:36:16Turkey: Erdoğan vs Gülen split; Kenilworth Charter School FBI raid in Baton Rouge
2:39:10Best of C-SPAN call-ins, “I’m tryin’ to get a penile implant”
2:40:17Target’s POS systems made in China; Target-Walmart war
2:46:04Clip Blitz: Cynthia McKinney on $50M for military Viagra (1998); postage increase: “…nearly $3M in losses”; TTIP; General Motors outgoing CEO; creepy picture of Obama
2:59:32Eric Prince on Blackwater book: “unfortunately, dangerous things happen in war zones”; Blackwater bought by Monsanto