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576 Mysterious Erratic (2013-12-22)

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0:00:00ACC: “We’re really a comedy show.”
JCD: “Hah! This news is funny.”
0:00:37ACC: “jackboots on fresh show”
0:01:49JCD’s ill-fated Linux experiment: “going to Linux is like dating a lesbian”
0:06:33Google jails
0:08:17ACC hit by the Target hack; JCD: “where’s Richard Clark?”; Chase demonized by MSM; Duck Dynasty “scandal” buries Target news; NBC on the Olympics gay meme; China vs Ukraine as source; card sucker vs scanner; ratings bonanza for A&E (and ABC)
0:26:45Obama’s facial tic
0:28:07Russia white paper
0:29:15Surprise party with the O-bots; Patrick Leahy on CNN: 54 incidents
0:31:30John Bolton on Snowden: “then he ought to swing from a tall oak tree”
0:32:39American vs European PIN credit cards; credit card insurance; fraud as cost of doing business
0:36:48BBC on the list of US spying targets; blackmail and espionage; RSA contract; NSA kicked out of Black Hats; White House state secrets jeopardized by litigation in California
0:44:35Petraeus speech at In-Q-Tel: internet of things; JCD: “he’s on spin cycle, get the sniper ready”; spy-on-a-chip; Snowden not on Google Zeitgeist 2013
0:54:06Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media venture; Gates Foundation funding private prisons: GEO Group; Gates cornered the market on McGovern/Eagleton buttons
1:01:06Producer Segment: mail carriers
1:29:12Kim Jong Un, Nam, and Chol; “erratic”, “mystery”, “ruthless and reckless”; Uncle Donald Gregg with Fareed Zakaria; DPRK defector on Un; Rodman/Obama
1:50:41Memorandum to Kerry on nuclear relationship with Taiwan; China moon landing
1:52:37ACC: “Turkey is on fire”; 600 Gülen schools worldwide; Tsarnaev/Gülen CIA connection; China rail;, Ukraine Balkanization
1:59:29The Weekly Hooker Report: Canadian anti-prostitution laws overturned
2:01:55Donation Segment
2:12:21Steven Schneider on climate change: global warming now, global cooling then
2:15:52Devyani Khobragade strip search: JCD: “she must have given them some outrageous lip”; Rupert Murdoch of India Raghav Bahl: “one of those few media companies which has got a footprint both in entertainment and in news”
2:20:50Obama commutations & pardons for terms already served; Deval Patrick crack-dealing cousin
2:23:15CAR: big-voiced Adama Dieng; Samantha Power in South Sudan: ACC: “I didn’t sign up for this!”; approximately 45 soldiers to South Sudan under War Powers Resolution; oil and rubble
2:31:39David Feldman Jon Stewart anti-union accusations
2:36:22Bush/Clinton disaster recovery tapes to be destroyed
2:37:48“Mass Shootings in America: Moving Beyond Newtown” paper; Arapahoe sheriff and Rachel Maddow on writing suspects’ names out of coverage
2:46:17Theater shooting trial: “infect a large portion of the jury pool with factual information…”; 7 of 40 pages of ruling redacted
2:49:50S&P Europe downgrade; CFTC underreported swaps market by $55t
2:55:312012 report on reliability of drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs: 85% failure rate
2:58:10JCD irked at idiotic Sprint ad with James Earl Jones & Malcolm McDowell