Call Clooney!

573 NEETS (2013-12-12)

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0:00:00ACC: “Oops. Oops, sorry.”
JCD: “What are you doing? Why are you jumping the gun on me?”
ACC: “Happy trigger finger. I’m just happy to see you.”
JCD: “Uh-huh. All right, I’m ready. Hit it.”
0:00:58JCD’s on the laptop, the big machine borked; post-apocalype technology book; Buzzkill Jr wedding today; Dame Tanya at rehearsal dinner; Chad from Colorado staying at the Curry compound; Robert Plant lives in squalor
0:10:11Mandela: crazy guy signing gibberish at ceremony; Obama and “Gucci” Helle Thorning-Schmidt selfie; biopic promotion, review: “instigatious”; Obama’s limo tracked by license plate reader toll system; arrest in UK for Twitter hate speech about Mandela
0:24:50White paper; Jen Psaki on Indian Supreme Court LGBT ruling; Victoria Nuland handing out sandwiches in Ukraine; Euromaidan; Trans-Eurasian railway to run through Ukraine, with $8bn investment from China; Russia & North Korea open 33-mile line
0:37:41Producer Segment
0:53:12Jesse Jackson on Mandela (maybe)
0:54:25Napping man left on ExpressJet plane in Houston
0:58:25Top tech companies on spying;; “exploiting terrorist use of games and virtual environments”; Sibel Edmonds feud with Greenwald
1:14:20San Francisco Bay rent hoax
1:17:51Canada to claim the North Pole; Shell to drill in 2025; Sierra Club, Climate Depot guys on Don Lemon: “global weirding”; snow in Istanbul; massive wildfires outside Austin, TX; “many bad things will happen”; Physicians for Social Responsibility vs Richland WA nuclear plant; “secret” fracking liquid a waste product like fluoride
1:35:28Moral Volcano blows the lid off No Agenda
1:42:10Donation Segment
2:00:05Mexican Cobalt-60
2:08:36More media exposure = more stress; smart money is on the fair weather fan; FSA accounts for No Agenda donations
2:14:52No Agenda’s Bitcoin Bonanza
2:17:43NEETs: “Not in Education, Employment, or Training”, i.e., “bums”
2:19:03European 16-hour negotiating session: bail-ins
2:22:02Godfrey Bloom to European parliament: “…it won’t be long before they storm this chamber, and they hang you, and they’ll be right!”
2:26:18Brooke Baldwin to Jake Tapper: “hang on, hang on Tapper”; Raoul Castro son of Fidel
2:29:11One-year anniversary of Sandy Hook (which killed twenty first-graders and six educators); Newtown says “stay away”;; G8 dementia summit, Avielle Foundation; sans Form 990
2:41:17“My Princess Boy” as shameless self-promotion
2:49:47Gitmo Nation National Anthem