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572 Uptalking Dudes (2013-12-08)

Show 572 album art
0:00:32JCD: “Something blew up on my end.”; ACC on Skype: “They’re always upgrading the experience.”
0:04:36ACC’s Nelson Mandela debates; Winnie Mandela necklace; Cornel West: “the Santa Claus-ification of Nelson Mandela”; JCD imitates Mark Levin; Free Nelson Mandela concert at Wembley Stadium
0:18:06Clinton and Mandala BFFs: JCD: “I want Chelsea on the phone!”; Mandela on US terror list until 2008; South African toll roads; daughter gets news of death at the film premiere; Stephen Biko’s widow opposing ANC
0:28:22Citibank Bitcoin analysis; rejection by China; traders
0:35:21Kim Jong Un’s ski resort; North Korea as tourist destination; ACC: “why wouldn’t we make nice with North Korea?”
0:47:31Producer Segment: tips on show art creation; DIY divorce
1:02:30China high-speed rail clip (570 2:21:28) revisited: Shanghai Cooperation Organization; China’s 30bn euro loan to Turkey; ACC: “we are doing everything we can to slow this down”; Biden in China bringing up his profile; Baghdad railway; multi-gauge trains; Myanmar; ACC: “blowing up railroads: this is our culture”
1:24:53ABC News on al-Qaeda, Haqqani Network (HQN) funded by US military contractors
1:29:02French in Central African Republic
1:32:24Shanghai out of control air pollution
1:35:44ACC having fun with global cooling: storms in Europe
1:36:44Yahya Hassan in Denmark; hate speech as hate crime in Glasgow
1:43:57Greenpeace’s “Save Santa’s Home” video; geoengineering guidelines from Congressional Research Service
1:53:22Healthy Surprise; JCD on cooking kale
1:55:57Donation Segment: Alex Jones’ new product “as men ageā€¦” promo
2:05:10Common Core e-mails: Huck Finn; Pearson By the People Chapter 29: “New World Order”; Twitter board member former Pearson CEO; listeners use compensation math; “yes dad, that’s a fact family”, “no, they’re all smart”, “can barcodes be used with people and animals?”
2:13:53Hit piece on woman with service dog kicked off Southwest flight, JCD: “this was a pit bull!”
2:18:14Hillary receives award from Lantos Foundation for “women’s rights & internet freedom”; FBI cybercrime most wanted list; CNN: “forget about it, there is no privacy”; Jeff Zucker sinking CNN with long form programming
2:30:27Time Magazine piece The Morality of Listening to the Newtown 911 Tapes; second FOIA request on the State Police 911 tapes; dispatcher: “there’s a rumor it’s fake”; Marcia Lanza “earlier that week” vs “very little contact”
2:36:27Clip Blitz: Empire State Building shooting; French prostitution bill; French food trucks; uptalking dudes, overuse of “amazing”
2:44:12Pierre Omidyar tweet: “anybody who publishes stolen info should help catch the thief”; Sarah Harrison glam photos, Seven Oaks School
2:48:46“GFE” with smiley face in NSA PowerPoint likely “Government Furnished Equipment”