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570 Festival of Corruption (2013-12-01)

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0:00:00ACC: “Mainstream sucks! Meh, all right.” (1:42:52)
0:00:44JCD apple dressing update; ACC’s weird/sad Thanksgiving, dying woman right before half-time at University of Texas game
0:16:49Paul Walker possible two-to-the-head; Porsche Carrera GT exploding on impact, gas tank in front, engine in back, front end intact; Holder contempt of Congress appeal on Fast and Furious now Google-bombed; Sinaloa cartel partnership; producer memo on Iran/Iraq as lines on the map from World War I era
0:24:36No Agenda single-handedly ruined Ms. Micky’s Thanksgiving with discussion of turkey/salmon “white goop”
0:25:29AIDS Day, National Impaired Driving Month, National Minority Development Week
0:26:30Abortive Producer Segment
0:27:24Book of Knowledge on Carrera GT, JCD: “target locked, target locked!”; Myth Busters gas explosions; ACC: “fuck it, let a train go off the rails, we need to do something, people!”
0:36:30Ready for Hillary campaign; upcoming Dinner With the O-bots
0:37:50Sarah Silverman radical left comedy; Kanye West “seven black billionaires”, Katrina telethon speech with Mike Myers
0:47:26Real Producer Segment
0:56:39Pacific Rim a “mindless, really well done action movie”, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
0:59:41Chinese moon shot coming up
1:05:49Chinese in Central African Republic: “the future of Africa is in the hands of the Chinese”; African euro; Bitcoin Bonanza; Chinese $14bn rail line
1:12:39Producer Nick on San Francisco “startups, crime and homelessness”; ACC: “this is what the FEMA camps will be for”
1:20:51“Master/slave” change to “client/server”; Democracy Now hour on slavery in the 1700s; ACC Tom Swift audio book, Huckleberry Finn
1:25:47Common Core: compensation mathematics, “new math” fractal; “running like a champ”
1:35:3123andMe “democratizing” health like Twitter “democratizing” freedom of speech; Hill+Knowlton guy at last dinner
1:42:29Greenwald on BBC Hard Talk, who owns the documents? “the journalist who he trusted”; “work with some of the largest and most respected media establishments”, JCD: “they’re his customers now, that’s why”; “whence it came”; non-journalism = publishing isolated slides out of context; Hollywood truther blackmail; “there is thing thing called the Iraq war…”
2:05:33Donation Segment: Club 33; John on a coin
2:20:27China: Obama says comply with air defense zone change; opening of high-speed rail line; American high-speed rail package, “ten thousand miles”,, Obama “no takin’ off your shoes”; high-speed freight
2:28:43Clip Blitz: Greek Golden Dawn party locked up without evidence, “smaller than expected crowd”; Ukraine stalling on EU deal, demonstrations continuing, Swedish finger-wagging at Putin and Yanukovych; Bryant Gumbel Sochi hit piece, “festival or corruption and mismanagement”
2:44:42An e-mail from Iran