Call Clooney!

569 23 and Plea (2013-11-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yeah, well hit it.”
ACC: “Jigga jigga jigga jagga jugga.”
0:00:32Someone’s tweeting in JCD’s name; Ms. Micky is in LA, radio reunion with unnamed Dutch superstar, Facebook cyber-sexting attempt
0:04:36JCD on turkey cooking, apple dressing; “Make Kale Your New Friend with Benefits”
0:09:17JCD’s annual Thanksgiving bogativity explanation; “on behalf of all the Obamas…”
0:17:46JCD’s 7lb heritage bird; cheap turkey stench and white goop; ACC’s home for the holidays: cowboys and trannies; Rush Limbaugh on Thanksgiving as free market emergence
0:21:29Upcoming Dinner with the O-bots: FDA 23andMe shutdown, “democratizing healthcare”, SNPedia & Promethease; 23andMe spinning is as a data quality vs medical device issue; limited diagnostic value of genetic information; 23andMe’s “disruptive” Silicon Valley attutude
0:37:18Goldieblox Beastie Boys lawsuit; Willie Brown on San Francisco class war, Twitter and Facebook slum locations; real estate prices JCD’s personal Bitcoin; 23andMe disclaimer
0:48:41Producer Segment: Georgia juror survey with occupation: slave
1:07:09Kerry on Iran: “none of this is based on trust”; tongue flicking as lie-indicator; “no right to enrich”; countries & companies allowed to buy from Iran, no payment in gold, we’re the broker; Israel upset over Leviathan field; GE centrifuge parts; ice cream sprinkles for Mohammad
1:26:06Common Core: 1995 Steve Jobs interview, bribery, computers not a panacea, parents as customers; backlash against the program; data-slurping; call center training
1:38:52Hollywood under fire for animals hurt in films; Arnon Milchan outs self as spy; JCD recommends Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Chuck Barris; Tim Weiner Legacy of Ashes vs Enemies; Russ Baker Family of Secrets; Uncle Donald Gregg’s book in limbo
1:49:00Weekly Hooker Report: French prostitution laws to target clients; German hookers on welfare; France 5-story brothel; Swedish professor on PTSD; Muslim immigrants, first Iceland mosque
2:02:10Donation Segment: Club 33
2:12:44War on printers: Steve Israel on undetectable gun law; Philadelphia 3D printed gun ban; Cody Wilson now in Bitcoin; Pennsylvania one of three additive manufacturing hubs; GE printing aviation parts; RAPID 2013 in Pittsburgh; licensure already in the Red Book
2:19:40ABC News Murrow awards; entry fees: radio $120, television $200, web site $245
2:23:34Sandy Hook 911 calls to be released; Creigh Deeds case; Adobe Reader-only compressed PDF, “chilling pictures” such as “examples of doorknobs”; footnote 53 on Bushmaster: “no positive identification could be made to any of the bullet evidence submissions noted”, victim DNA on weapons outside school, corroded bullet jackets
2:31:21Child abuse documents in Lanza’s room, Dunblane massacre, locked door policy: keep people out or in? PDFs heavily redacted; police timeline redacted, Newtown Action Alliance (no 501.3c) lawyer Monty Frank: “is it really all that important that the details of what occurred at this school come out?”; Dr. Drew angry that people have rights
2:38:43Amy Goodman back-announcing “I Spy”; Essential Information/Center for Corporate Policy’s Gary Ruskin on corporate espionage of nonprofits (CotD), Greenpeace vs Dow Chemical
2:46:42NSA collecting porn activity; New York Times Snowden hard drive copies, six hours to search database; “doomsday cache” in “data cloud”; why hasn’t Greenwald been droned?
2:55:36China extends its ADIZ, we fly B-52s into it
2:57:41Scottish independence referendum, keeping the Queen and the Pound