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567 Marketecture (2013-11-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “Tellin’ you, people on the plane were really annoyed with me playing this harmonica.”
0:00:35JCD in Orlando, ACC in Amsterdam; JCD’s habit of canceling travel plans at the last minute
0:03:37Dutch telethon for the Philippines, Giro555 girorekening postal bank service using central NGO as middleman, strijkstok blijven hangen, singer Trijntje Oosterhuis let off the hook after promising €1 per like; Japan sending 5,000 troops, local officials repackaging relief supplies, similar typhoon in 1970 blamed on global cooling
0:15:11Climatologist discusses unusual timing of recent Illinois tornadoes with a distracted Gwen Ifill; PNAS article “Spontaneous abrupt climate change due to an atmospheric blocking–sea-ice–ocean feedback in an unforced climate model simulation” predicts new ice age, explanation of peer review; 133 countries walk out of COP19 over “climate finance” compensation
0:28:45Report on Fukushima-induced hypothyroidism in children in Open Journal of Pediatrics
0:32:27ACC’s actor friend’s NGO business in Kenya, JCD story: getting yelled at in London for giving a guy a pound, beggars in India, NGOs as tax-exempt bookers, donation request deflection technique “no, I don’t believe in what you’re doing”, Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin “not hot”
0:44:03Someone at RT got the message: Boom or Bust news model Erin Ade, JCD: “if she puts on number, their number one smile, maxed out… every tooth in her mouth”
0:49:08Producer Segment: “Flugitive #4” vaccine ad; JCD observes “marketecture” in the wild
1:08:27Dutch people think Congress is full of crazies, Greenpeace 30 out on bail, Dutch King and Queen on vacation in Dutch Caribbean, JCD scores autograph from William Shatner
1:15:17Presidential Medals of Freedom awarded, Gloria Steinem on eugenicist Margaret Sanger’s wish to have her heart buried in Japan; Erin Burnett celebrates cocaine arrest of “colorful character” Florida GOP Rep. Trey Radel, “he used to be a TV reporter”
1:24:57Warren Buffet yuks it up with billionaires and their groupie Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes
1:26:46Jay Rosen joins Omidyar network, Sarah Harrison back in Germany; NSFWCorp piece The Extraordinary Pierre Omidyar needles Glenn Greenwald over his unwillingness to explore the dark underbelly of microfinance, “our first product” a story about 33M Norwegian calls
1:36:17Elon Musk notes “no one has ever died in a Tesla vehicle” when asked about battery fires
1:40:55Chuck Schumer gripes about “near anonymity” of Bitcoin, takes credit for shutdown of “digital wasteland” Silk Road, BitPay CEO Anthony Gallippi flaunts “know your customer policy”
1:51:41LAX shooter Paul Anthony Ciancia MIA after being discharged from the hospital
1:52:57Rumors of GE finance guys in Tatarstan Airlines Flight 363 crash ignored by ABC World News in favor of a cute baby and dog picture; producer translation of Russian black box report
2:00:31The Hollywood Whackers: Brittany Murphy independent lab report suggests rat poison
2:02:09Producer note on proposed Russian law to outlaw airplanes over 20 years old
2:03:10Donation Segment: JCD’s over-the-top Club 33 echo
2:12:50Euroland: anti-immigration parties forging ties; Greek Golden Dawn party arrests
2:15:42Activist Lori Wallach issuing warnings about TPP; Larry King: “no Jews like cats”
2:17:52Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: Common Core causing colleges to lower quality standards to maximize throughput, education buzzwords like TBL “task-based learning”; JCD story: Pearson using Que imprint to screw authors out of royalties; America’s Promise Alliance, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, Crayola Champion Creatively Alive Children program, “commie brainwashing” public comments, rich math textbook writer James Stewart all-in
2:42:52Butterball commercial masquerading as a news story, JCD: “get a heritage bird, people”