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565 Spy in a Bag (2013-11-14)

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0:00:00JCD: (harmonica) “Hit it.”
0:00:36Chilly in California and Texas
0:02:15Thom Hartmann’s book The Crash of 2016,, “trillions of tons of Methane Hydrate”, extinctions triggered by methane release, NASA’s CARVE, JCD: “big giant blender!”
0:12:13Dinner with the O-bots: “Hillary is uniquely qualified to run our empire”, Castro brothers
0:14:44Philippines hunger striker for Green Climate Fund at COP19, JCD: “apparently the food at COP is so bad…”; Clooney ups the “doctors” percentage to 99%
0:21:42Philippines a convenient place to send aircraft carriers; Erin Burnett: “so what if a super typhoon like Haiyan hit the United States?”, “this is wreckage, wreckage, wreckage”; solar guy on cost of nuclear energy, JCD: “we’re all gonna die, but this is too expensive”
0:34:26Producer Segment: The Black Cat sponsored by No Agenda
0:52:33Distraction of the Week: spy in a bag; British IPNA “injunctions to prevent nuisance and annoyance”; Council of Europe conference on the spread of hate speech on the internet, JCD: “oh, there’s twice as many people, let’s change the law!”, ACC: “your veb site vill go poof”; Glitch Girl interview, JCD: “she doesn’t get a nickel?”; definition of hate speech, “hey cripple”
1:10:46Craig Ferguson on Fifty Shades of Kale; ACC ordering kale “because I’m convinced it tastes like crap no matter who makes it”; British kale promotion
1:15:36United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime: Afghan opium production at all time high, 5.5 kilotons a 49% increase over 2012; BBC report on “Widow’s Village” and opium smuggling, ACC: “just load it onto the C-47 as we told you to”, no flag-draped coffins, American Gangster
1:25:2833M more Americans to take statins, ACC: “we don’t have enough black people on this drug!”
1:31:35Donation Segment:; Club 33; ACC Cigar Journal/Silk Road story
1:43:39Podcast awards popularity contest makes no sense for categories other than People’s Choice click-bait the new model for online news; the “vasectomy look”
1:48:34Bitcoin: explosion in exchanges, outrageous spread in prices
1:52:12WikiLeaks TPP copyright chapter, EFF: “TPP leak confirms the worst”, ACC: “it’s the gas, you idiots!”; JCD on copyright terms; analysis by Knowledge Ecology International, the usual constellation of NGOs; Bloomburg on getting American gas into Japan
2:08:38ACC taken to task by listener for being annoyed by homeless people
2:12:26Perry Fellwock the original NSA whistleblower on smuggling, slave trade, inside information; 9/11 airline stock shorting; Church Committee, Richard Welch assassination, Fellwock blew the whistle on Echelon; Bobby Inman right down the street from ACC
2:22:10Rick Perry rumor: next NRA chairman
2:22:42Between 60 and 80 pieces of art to be returned at The Monuments Men premiere
2:24:22Five Eyes RT clip: “main focus is political, diplomatic, and economic intelligence”
2:27:18Turkey wants extended Patriot border deployment; Kimmel apology: Shanghai Disneyworld; Uncle Don’s book & Asian accents
2:30:39Huma Abedin and “special government employees”; Clip Blitz: West sided with Islamists in Arab Spring, troops pulled out of Iraq enabled Iranians to enter Syria; India Justice Minister on gambling: “if you can’t prevent rape, you might as well enjoy it”; Valerie Jarrett on Obamacare countdown: “you have a good memory, unfortunately”; CBS Evening News: “Walmart, where over 400 people are promoted every day”