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564 Summer of Snowden (2013-11-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “I don’t think you should be shootin’ up MSG.” (1:53:00)
0:00:32JCD’s failing trade show pen collection; sock, flashlight, pen graveyard; listeners worried that JCD might bail on Miss Universe coverage
0:05:46The Monuments Men premiere pushed back for more art finds: “that’s how powerful we are”
0:08:40Red Book: typhoonathon; New Jersey residents screwed by insurance companies over hurricane vs super storm designation; podcast awards, webbies, entry fees
0:17:17F-Russia: Dutch-Russian tit for tat with diplomats, Prince Pils pelted with tomatoes in Russia, Greenpeace prisoners, diplomat beatings, “now, there’s no connection with those events and today’s incident…”; sketchy Greenpeace Dutch money; Olympic torch spacewalk
0:25:52Economic hit man in South Sudan, predicts big-time genocide there, Chinese everywhere, Nuer White Army vs Merle tribe, dripping hot plastic on kids; Clooney’s satellite and op-ed
0:39:28Turkey going with $3bn Chinese missile deal, Erdoğan’s co-ed housing ban
0:41:57Belgian child euthanasia bill and death panels; Vivek Kundra on “embracing 1960s-era technology”, promotion, “cloud solution”
0:50:40Chris Christie on Obamacare: “don’t lawyer it – People don’t like lawyers”; Obama: “only as part of the pool that people who don’t have health insurance would buy into…” with massive stammer
0:56:44ENDA passes house; “hey I’m gay!” job security strategy for stack ranking
1:00:22Producer Segment:, Dvorak book at
1:21:48Bank, pharma fines, Navy hookers & Lady Gaga ticket scandals; Park Eun-Seon gender
1:27:04Miss Universe: bikini segment burlesque music; Zeebox app; Saudi Arabia slam question, Spain: how can we get more women elected to political office? “I believe that in order to select a good woman, she must possess the good qualities in order to perform a good job”; Venezuela softball question: “what is your biggest fear and how do you plan to overcome it?”
1:42:55US lost UNESCO voting rights over non-payment of dues, Israel miffed over our dealings with Iran; protests in Haiti,
1:48:51Pfizer study vindicating Chantix; MSG in new mist flu vaccine
1:53:51Judge urged to block release of Sandy Hook 911 calls, school demolition down to foundation; everyone thinks they saw videos that have never been released, only described
1:59:02Guns & Ammo editor Jim Bequette fires writer Dick Metcalf over 2nd Amendment article, MSNBC: “tiny incremental changes to the 2nd Amendment”
2:05:03Google Helpouts: have JCD help you choose from the wine list
2:07:06Donation Segment: Club 33
2:19:39Snowden: Jane Harman on Congress unwillingness to narrow Executive Order 12333; ABC’s Brian Ross “worst is yet to come from Snowden”, NPR piece on Ross; teen prostitution propaganda piece, “making a routine check of her daughter’s cell phone”, Linda Krittel, “internet safety expert”; Lavabit kiddie porn notification at same time as Snowden e-mail, Dark Mail Kickstarter, “little nonprofit”, “Summer of Snowden”
2:35:56War on men: L’Oréal’s; two-year-old Barefoot College clip
2:41:17Bill Maher racist comments on de Blasio tweet; Kimmel “kill everyone in China” stunt
2:48:26Mark Windows’ The People’s Voice network
2:53:55High School USA! on teen pregnancy: “ditching our third generation bestie is not an option”
2:56:04Chuck Schumer proposes Justice Department fund GPS for at-risk youth