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563 Law of the Jungle (2013-11-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “When Puff the Magic Dragon shows up then I’ll listen to your crappy argument!”
0:00:35Bitcoin over $300, Silk Road back, 24-cents-per-ounce cocaine, ACC will sell at $1000
0:06:55Toronto mayor Rob Ford busted by Gawker; Bill de Blasio born Warren Wilhelm Jr.
0:12:15Six-Week Cycle: Paul Ciancia LAX shooting, witness Nick Pugh a Fox freelancer on 9/11; disappearing surveillance footage, ABC News animation; complaint filed by FBI agent, “on or about November 1”, “five magazine clips”, USC 37 “violence at international airports”; where’s the note? Erin Burnett: “Ciancia said he acted alone”, “conspiracy-minded anti-government patriot movement”, SPLC Potok on NWO, fiat currency, Federal Reserve in Ciancia note
0:31:20Bush 41 “…New World Order, a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle governs the conduct of nations”, Zakaria on Robert Cooper “law of the jungle” double standard essay
0:34:29TSA, Holder call for arming “officers”; Ciancia note “general rant about the usual stuff”; Goldie Taylor: “I am a firm proponent of the 2nd Amendment, but this bastardized version…”
0:45:25New Jersey mall shooting, JCD on Six-Week Cycle checklist; CCSU lockdown, slave training
0:47:41Distorted-voiced “DHS insider” on February podcast: “when the dollar collapses and the gun confiscation begins”; European giant voice system; PBS on mother of seven working for minimum wage, farm bill cutting SNAP benefits, “Candinavia”, “Texans are racists” meme
0:58:40Jarrett e-mail on “who they are or who they love” ENDA, Carney video, introduced every year since 1974, affects hiring as well as firing, religious & military exemptions
1:07:34Producer Segment
1:15:33Nightline story on teen exposure to porn: “we are the pioneers”, porn/masturbation addiction, “compulsive pornography users do have parallels with substance use disorders”; kindergarten hands-on play ban, “zero-tolerance” rule, ACC dodgeball story
1:36:08Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Obamacare: “at the end of the day, Americans, we’re we’re we’re not not, only not mild, myzled by the President…”, JCD: “Sharptonesque”
1:38:48George Stephanopoulos bids viewers a good evening “after a day of double trouble for the White House”, surfer dude reporting on friendly spying, Eric Schmidt: “it’s perfectly possible that there are more revelations to come” teaser; Sarah Harrison now in Germany; Appelbaum conference speech, “effective exile”; Corporate Car Online hacked
1:48:13Munich stolen art cache discovered two years ago promotion for Clooney’s Monuments Men; Mothman film promotions; good movie criticism dead
1:54:22Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe on climate change: “it really is folly to try to substitute you own understanding for the consensus of scientific opinion”; Pandora’s Promise director on Brolf, Van Johnson on cost of nuclear energy, carbon tax; pro-nuclear letter from James Hansen and others, “puff the magic dragon”
2:05:23Donation Segment
2:18:14Podcast award nominations in people’s choice & news
2:20:04Manning interview with Obama classmate Mia Marie Pope: “cocaine smoking homosexual”
2:27:47Poll has Golden Dawn party on top in Greece; barricaded broadcasters ousted with tear gas
2:32:56Senate approves ENDA; TED drone week; CIA to keep drone program
2:34:39University of Seattle obesity study on DDT exposure funded by Gates Foundation
2:38:28Australia spying for US; spy gear in Asian embassies; PCLOB James Baker: “the FISA Court is a national treasure”; Leahy “it was instrumental in helping the FBI thwart one case”, sunset provisions, 2004 “lone wolf” amendment