Call Clooney!

562 Blotto (2013-11-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh! Everybody has their own taste!” (2:26:13)
0:00:34JCD overwhelmed mail server with clips
0:00:53Six-Week Cycle: LAX shooting, a single dubious photo; police chief on recent drill: “exact scenario that played out today… we played out today”, FBI facepalm, presence explained by “multi-jurisdictional” nature of airport; JCD questions 440-mile-distant San Jose as LAX diversion; helicopter activity; video of dummy in wheelchair
0:15:49Conflicting descriptions of suspect’s clothing; victims taken to UCLA Medical on 405 instead of closer hospitals; witness: “well, were just putting our belongings on the belt to be screened…”, ACC Swamp Thing “blotto”, “we hit the deck”; early eyewitness Jose: “he looked like a TSA agent”, “two weapons playing the part”; Paul Anthony CIA-n-CIA
0:35:18NWO, “pigs” note, “the accused gunman may have been a conspiracy theorist”, Barbara Starr on anti-government “rant”, NWO as “special authoritarian government”; SPLC exclusive on “manifesto”, patriot movement “growing by leaps and bounds”, “first black President”
0:45:49O-bots listening to show before dinner; 4.7M unique visits to, six people enrolled; Obama apathy extending to anti-gunners, MP3 boost from backfiring RIAA propaganda; Professor on Lumosity “neuro-elasticity”, psychology; managing hot-shot professors
1:04:22Producer Segment
1:08:11Daylight saving time as slave training, “convenience of commerce”
1:13:37National {Diabetes, Entrepreneurship, Military Family, Native-American Heritage, Adoption, Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness, Family Caregivers’, Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience} Month; Blackout movie a Doomsday Preppers promotion; PPD 21, FBI NCIJTF
1:20:29Greenwald/CIA knows how to dole out the information to keep people interested; New York Times NSA article, Kaiser Alexander profile up for good board seats, ambassadors as justification for spying, deflecting blame from State Department & Hillary
1:25:55Hillary $200k speaking fees as advance bribes, joining country club to placate yakuza; Rob Reiner on Maher: “the single most qualified person ever to run for President of the United States”; anti-Hillary Secret Service arrests, dismissals, suicides
1:39:28Bill Gates a eugenicist at O-bot dinner; News Hour on food stamps, “rife with fraud”, JCD: “why don’t you do something about the fraud instead of complaining…?”; Occupy co-option
1:46:23Kerry at SelectUSA: “we’re growing in manufacturing again”; Obama: “my top priority as President: growing our economy…”; municipal LED conversions, lightbulb lifespans
1:46:14Donation Segment
2:02:46Bob Woodward seems to call Markel a “he”; 45 wiped out in signature strike
2:05:41Silicon Valley all-in on Leahy USA Freedom Act, targeting Patriot Act signing statement; Google hangouts, Twitter unprofitability, JCD: if you think you’re in a bubble, you’re not
2:22:53Delusional Prudential fund manager on index funds, “there’s not an asset allocation or fund strategy that’s right for everybody”, JCD on “own taste” in wine
2:27:51Gwen Olsen on impotence from low cholesterol, Lipitor and Viagra Pfizer’s top sellers; 401(k) fees; wild price variations for generic pharmaceutical
2:34:50Clip Blitz: Brazil football beheading; Nairobi gang-rapists forced to mow the lawn; woman with 700 cats, ACC: “you think al-Qaeda is bad, we need to be looking at these cats”; Teen Kids News on terrorism, “if you see something, say something” (CotD); High School USA!, ACC: “I picked a bad time to quit drugs”