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560 Hornet’s Nest (2013-10-27)

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0:00:00JCD: “Heeey, you wanna cyber? Is that what you want?” (1:18:07)
0:00:36ACC has Freddie the Firewall stuck in his head, similarity to Towelie from South Park
0:02:42No Agenda’s six-year anniversary, JCD: “yeah, it has been a long six years”
0:15:09Producer Segment: No Agenda beer special interest publication; No Agendroid app hearing: “no, I will not yield to this monkey court”; Sebelius: “well, the majority of people calling for me to resign, I would say, are people who I don’t work for”; QSSI tester on confirmation e-mail failure; change order to force registration, disallow “window shopping”, “mask the sticker shock”; CBS on Obama’s “if you like your insurance plan you can keep it”, ACC’s trip to the pharmacy, cancellation the new normal; decision to disallow browsing made in final days before launch; insurance companies stabbing Obama in the back; policies cost almost as much as COBRA
0:47:57CTO Todd Park came from H&HS, founder of Athena Healthcare, sponsor of Health Datapalooza; Advisory Board Corporation, “patient tsunami”; November 30 “it’s going to work” deadline a dumb idea; Clay Johnson on procurement process, “in 1996 Congress lobotomized itself by getting rid of its technology think tank”, “baffling set of exchanges; it’s like watching my one-year-old argue with my cat”; ACC: “Github, hello!”
1:00:37Single-payer subtext from Republicans, Dutch switch to Obamacare-style system; Obama ran on single-payer, would have doomed insurance companies; co-ops as “capitalistic socialism”
1:12:36Kerry on exceptionalism: “it’s because we do exceptional things”
1:13:59Kaiser Alexander interview with DoD blogger Jessica Tozer with eerie music, ACC: “the man is not well in his head”; 300 DDoS attacks, “exploitation of intellectual property”, iPhone “not as secure as your land line system”; “take a bath, dah-de-dah-de-dah”, “I liken this to holding a hornet’s nest”, “those people of NSA and Cyber Command, they’re the heroes, and they’re the ones that deserve the kudos from the American people”
1:33:53Leahy shuts Alexander down on the 54 number; IRS, FBI using NSA data; Kucinich on spying advantaging American corporate interests; Stop Watching Us rally, Cameron: “what the newspapers are doing in helping him doing what he’s doing”; JCD bans TourĂ©
1:49:32Alexander: “the average analyst might be able to do one every 15 minutes”, JCD: “it’s about industrial espionage”; warning to allies on “what Snowden might release next”, free trade deal with Europe, BRICS connection
2:03:50China-Turkey $4bn missile deal; Raytheon missiles will not hit an American target
2:08:47EFF behind Stop Watching Us rally? EFF money from corporations and lawsuits
2:10:42Donation Segment: ACC: “if you’ve ever been to Apeldoorn, Appeldoom is pretty good”
2:34:06Podcast awards coming up; Sunnyvale using Pinterest to reunite lost dogs with owners
2:35:42War on Men: Sharon Stone’s Femme documentary, ACC: “this was like someone’s high school Final Cut Pro project”, Star Wars credit crawl; BBC women better at multitasking story; WIMF ATM equal pay stunt; scarcity of college men study; ACC: forget the companies, go after the religions, SinĂ©ad O’Connor ahead of her time; college football “hostesses”
2:48:4018th Annual Clown Convention in Mexico
2:51:05Coach seats on American Airlines shrinking
2:52:53National Geographic’s American Blackout; Bay Area Urban Shield drill
2:55:27US vs BBC versions of Sandy Hook demolition, souveniers
2:57:18Pennsylvania law banning touching a pregnant woman’s belly