Call Clooney!

55 Obama Wins Now What? (2008-11-05)

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0:00:00Luciferized JCD welcomes “Obama overlord”, “Obama, you are my president!”, “evict Bush now” protest outside White House, British version of southern accent; over-the-top events and bulletproof glass, ACC: “at the end of the day, John, if someone wants to get anyone they can get him”; Mimi comedy act for weeping Jesse Jackson; eloquent McCain concession speech, recycled Obama stump speech; Obama’s public speaker training, “Kennedy pinch”
0:17:09Cabinet selection; outrageous total spent on campaigns, media “too close to call” stalling, ACC on Z100 competitor commercial break lightbulbs; CNN reporter hologram, Star Trek: the Next Generation hologram experiments; 1M people at Chicago celebration; Clinton veterans for new administration
0:30:54JCD checks out San Francisco 2012 end of the world convention; ACC & JCD perceived as gay couple or not, Moroccan intolerance in Amsterdam, California Proposition 8 and black anti-gay-marriage vote, JCD blames Gavin Newson; stock market correction, ACC lusting after “nerdy” Erin Burnett, JCD How to Obama-proof Your Portfolio article, green job creation exaggeration; still in fundraising mode, JCD’s father: Democrat war party and Republican depression party
0:52:11Internet censorship in Australia & Finland; ACC: “this show will be off the air within ten years, I guarantee it”; JCD: 9/11 a 2009 good time to be out of markets; Obama “battle of ideas” education plan; al-Qaeda internet access shutdown; Tom DeLay predicts Obama vs Pelosi power struggle; Deputy National Security Advisor, JCD on Bilderberg Group “drinking club”
1:04:22JCD concedes on McCain prediction: “wrong, wrong, wrong”, $100 election bets, Dow 15k prediction, 1929 Dow triple, prediction: 2013 depression