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558 Clouds of Crisis (2013-10-20)

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0:00:00JCD: “Straight from Receda, here she is, Raven! Give it up!” (1:53:27)
0:00:34JCD fogged in: “it’s the worst kind of fog”
0:02:14National Forest Products Week, National Character Counts Week, inalienable vs unalienable
0:06:28Ms. Micky still sick with West Nile; vitamin B as mosquito repellant; ACC at market dodging Planned Parenthood solicitor with “parents suck”, kitty-corner vs catty-corner vs cater-corner
0:12:47WHO on air pollution causing lung and bladder cancer, “even though the risk to individuals is low”; oarfish found in Catalina Island, “the temperature of the ocean currents are definitely changing up a bit”, Japanese legend of beaching before earthquake; Jaws V trailer
0:21:38War on men part of Agenda 21, Nairobi Forward Looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women, International Day of the Girl, Robert Redford: “I think the future should belong more to women”; Sharon Stone’s Femme trailer: “any woman who knows how to run a household knows how to run a world”, “what a real man does, he stokes the flame of the feminine”; Marianne Williamson: “we look at how Mrs. Clinton did her role”; JCD bearded pack mule in Berkeley; “otherwise the children won’t survive, otherwise our biosphere will collapse”
0:44:50Producer Segment: power line shoes mark drug dealers; ACC’s Sandra Bernhard show
1:02:00Brazil sugar fire; PBS vs France vingt-quatre on Australian wildfires, military exercise (CotD); yacht owner killed by French special forces in “rescue”, botched police “meth lab” bust
1:09:30Obama’s shutdown memes “no winners”, “cloud(s) of crisis”; “all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio”, O’Biden: “I brought muffins!”; White House tours operating in spite of sequester
1:17:27Jeh Johnson taking over DHS instead of Inglis; former CIA, Hillary intern Tara Maller: Obama campaign donor to the tune of $33,000, kill list legal expertise; 240k people in DHS; “there’s a question of when the legal authority for this war has ended”; Johnson’s birthday 9/11; ACC: “from now on he’s J’Johnson
1:33:25J.P. Morgan $28bn reserve for Justice Department penalties; “London whale” trader; smoking gun insider e-mail to Jamie Dimon
1:39:28ACC calling people out for NSA jokes; Eleanor Clift on Alexander stepping down to spend more time with his family, less time with yours; ACC’s Google Voice to APRS setup; California Bell data harvesting policy change, “big doo-doo”; 4:1 ratio of PR to news personnel
1:50:09Donation Segment: $111.11 “making it rain” with Raven
2:06:26Pregnant Erin Burnett on flesh-eating bacteria and Air Marshal upskirts, Burnett Wiki page
2:11:54Chevy “official ride of Hawaii Five-0”, “hookers and blow”; Emily Dreyfuss on 23andMe: “it’s so cool … and also it’s really scary”; No Agenda DNA Sequencing Corporation
2:20:19Elsipogtog fracking kerfuffle with RCMP in Canada
2:21:56Sylvia Burwell on bringing the government back up post-shutdown, “use of handhelds and mobile devices and how those work after for 16 days, not being used”; Thom Hartmann blames GOP-controlled states for overloading $600M or $97M “portal”, $1200 for original, ACC rails against the media’s use of “glitch”
2:36:02Baidu accepting Bitcoin, day’s high $185, currency tracking mechanism?
2:39:52“Dry ice explosive device” at LAX; laser pointing now a federal crime, ACC laser story
2:45:22Cory Booker’s lame “the cynical attitude forgets” acceptance speech
2:46:58War on bullying: “don’t fat-shame”, Olweus bullying circle
2:52:09Chronic loneliness meme; House stenographer Reidy’s husband on why she went nuts