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556 Vape like a Ninja (2013-10-13)

Show 556 album art
0:00:00ACC: “He’s vaped himself off of Skype.” (2:21:31)
0:00:32Austin’s 5½ inches of rain; Sir Scott’s armory, economic hit man friends, No Agenda tip for avoid biting into shotgun shot in game: “tongue your meat”
0:04:42JCD’s quick trip to Portland; Oregon’s fondness for one-way streets, left on red logistics
0:08:55Yankee Doodle “called it macaroni”, slang term for “cool”; Velveeta ham radio advertisement; ACC voice audition for Shear Madness
0:12:41JCD’s TSA single arm disability, Portland TSA douchebags over boarding pass in pocket, “any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest”; EBT stopped in 17 states after software upgrade, dry run, “it just takes a while to reboot these systems”; Dutch mayors promoting PIN-only Saturdays; supposed financial benefits of going cashless; American Blackout: “the current blackout is the result of a cyber attack”, British Channel 4 Blackout a month ago; SMR “small modular reactor”
0:26:37Sheila Jackson Lee: “we have martial law, what that means, and my colleagues knows what it means, is that you can put a bill on in just minutes”
0:28:49Air Force, Navy nuclear firings; other firings over misconduct
0:35:04World Bank President on debt ceiling; J.P. Morgan Chase conference call, $318M loss, $9.2bn litigation expense, $23bn litigation reserves, they’re screwed but their stock is up; CCAR Comprehensive Capital Assessment and Review; spin class banker always on phone; people elected to Congress solely to kill Obamacare, Tea Party brand hijacked, Red Book: ceiling raised
0:53:28Producer Segment: APRS plug; iTunes rep meeting, album art e-book; The Terror Factory
1:11:25General Pulaski Memorial Day, Kerry on International Day of the Girl: “thanks to a number of global partnerships and programs led by the State Department”, Tech-Girls; Blind Americans Equality Day, blind cadence from robotic screen readers; International Failure Day in Finland, importance of failure for American entrepreneurial system
1:19:58Nobel Peace Prize to OPCW; Syria narrative changed with rebel Latakia killings; Peace Prize history, JCD: “oh, this thing’s rigged”
1:28:05Snowden’s Sam Adams award, Valerie Plame and Anderson Pooper: “Ed Snowden”; New York Times on Snowden CIA theory; Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence part of GAP,, lobbyists behind pink slime scandal; Who’s Who books; Piers Moron on the way out; NSA punchline on TWiT; divorce lawyers subpoenaing cell phone records
1:47:14Donation Segment
1:57:17Mutton and mead at Sir Scott’s dinner; JCD recommends smoked lamb
2:00:07Eliquis “bleeding”, “up my game” advertisement
2:02:21Keeping troops in Afghanistan; American Gangster
2:04:35FAA to allow cell phones on planes, Southwest Wi-Fi; “arrival ceremonies” with empty coffins
2:12:54Vapes; ACC: “it will not help you quit smoking”; EU to vote on restrictions
2:25:32Red Cross food aid for United Kingdom
2:27:35Turkey lifts ban on headscarves
2:30:17Skype trials and tribulations
2:33:16Producer Jim’s Shut You Down montage outro