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554 Slave Bracelet (2013-10-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “I don’t want to build a Raspberry Pi.” (2:35:31)
0:00:33JCD’s “wet bird doesn’t fly at night” a Shecky Greene quote
0:01:12“Thank you for your courage” meme catching on
0:01:33Finland’s National Day of Older Persons, Speech Pathology Week; German-American Day, Child Health Day, Fire Prevention Week, National {Disability Employment Awareness, Arts & Humanities, Domestic Violence Awareness, Substance Abuse Prevention, Energy Action, Breast Cancer Awareness, Cyber-Security Awareness, Bullying Prevention} Month
0:06:51Austin City Limits festival with RFID slave bracelets; automatic Facebook linking; invitation to Les Miserables from the Constitutional lawyer, ACC’s Master of the House earworm; JCD on Oakland A’s pitchers’ duel, unwatchable football games due to commercial time-outs
0:15:11Capital Shield drill and Miriam Carey shooting; “travel records show she drove directly from there to Washington”, “diagnosed with depression and psychoses but had stopped taking her medications”; House “kill the bitch!” standing ovation for police; note from producer working with Capitol Police officer: “I was trying so hard to shoot the bitch but I just didn’t have a shot”; police APC; “take your pin off”; Chief Cathy Lanier’s regalia and stars, “the suspect has been pronounced at this point”, JCD: “maybe those are all viewing medals”
0:35:00D.C. “shelter in place” Giant Voice System activation, Twitter alert system; media not naming medications, Carey’s boyfriend nowhere to be seen; Connecticut Assistant Attorney General on Lanza’s medical records not being released to keep people from going off medication; Connecticut commonality; “travel records” revisited, swiftness of response, seeking Aaron Alexis Connecticut connection; uselessness of Google & Amazon big data
0:54:34Producer Segment: Drone Knight update; Otamatone vs theremin
1:11:29BBC: Silk Road shutdown “major blow for the digital currency bitcoin”
1:16:18Message from economic hit man: soldiers looting after Westgate Mall attack; al-Libi capture in Libya, “with the knowledge of the Libyan government”, al-Shebab capture in Somalia; Kerry in Bali; Ventura on Breaking the Set, Abby Martin and Kristina Hefner analysis, Ventura on Seal Team Six publicity, Martin not called out on “extrajudicial assassination”, Ventura on “someone would have talked”, E. Howard Hunt; Family of Secrets; Public Policy Polling conspiracy theory poll, 32% think sports rigged, third Presidential term theory
1:44:00FDA furlough: “fewer inspectors means higher prices”; paid vacation; California schools losing $1.4bn in Federal funding per year from truancy; Gates Foundation study concludes that teachers praise Common Core, ACC reads the anti-CC talking points; amateur radio published test questions, Indian memorization skills
1:58:14Donation Segment: ACC: go slowly when mouth-hitting spouses
2:10:12ACC’s ex-wife Googling “schizophrenia” in No Agenda’s early days
2:12:18Twitter war between James Ball, Greenwald, Appelbaum over redacted Tor vulnerability story; Greenwald: GCHQ documents available to “tens of thousands of people”, Rubik’s Cube meeting story, Bolivian plane and passport revocation lies revisited; Hayden and Mike Rogers kill list joke, Hayden currently in Chertoff Group
2:29:33Adobe update services always running, data compromise for 2.9M users; arkOS for Raspberry Pi; coked-out virus marketer McAfee, Peter Norton’s “no such thing as a computer virus”; Panama the new go-to place
2:42:30FAA study on electronic devices; ACC on 1-Watt RIM card, cockpit headset bleedthrough