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553 Hate-Spewing Hashtags (2013-10-03)

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0:00:00ACC: “It is only a question of time when popular self-government will be impossible and will be succeeded by chaos and, finally, a dictatorship. Hello 2013!” (2:00:18)
0:00:43ACC has JT65 up and running; second Silk Road order
0:02:29Kentucky town’s 4000 IRS agents; JCD Nigel earworm; Newsletter going straight to spam; government web sites unmaintained; KSBW: shutdown costing $300M per day x 7 days = $16bn per week?; Louise Slaughter: “300 million Americans who have no insurance”
0:15:25Tom Shadyac’s I Am documentary; social media rage as root of all stupidity
0:17:37Hearing on EPA’s John Beale posing as CIA, rigged computers to send post-retirement paychecks, Issa: “the head of each agency is given a list of anyone who is a clandestine agent working under their cover”, Intelligence Directive 304; Lisa Jackson ended up at Apple
0:24:07Clapper: “eminent threats”, “Senator Feinstein’s superb statement yesterday”, Graham: Obama advised to “just watch the showdown, uh the shutdown”; Kaiser Alexander: we would have prevented 9/11; fifty plots meme; plots happening “as we speak”, “fifth-column movement”
0:39:10“If they don’t, the shutdown could feel like a prick”
0:40:23Producer Segment: Echolink 3373; Slingbox requests
0:46:20Quantitative easing: taxpayers paying interest on bonds bought with money lent for virtually no interest; Alex Pareene CNBC appearance on Jamie Dimon & J.P. Morgan, “legal problems aside”, “the restaurant is making a lot of money, there’s only a little bit of poison in the food”, shill: “they’ve had their regulatory issues”, Bartiromo: “name three shady dealings”, “oh, the New York Times!”; CNBC’s aggressive Lehman Brothers defense; comparison to HSBC fine
1:03:32Message from Zug: currency manipulation coming, Bitcoin Silk Road volatility; no perp walk, no victory claim; owner had two roommates; forum PHP code similarity; charges all “conspiracy”, murder-for-hire charge inconsistencies; Appelbaum, EFF tout Tor security, Tor a 501(c)(3), $127.5k to Formless Networking LLC, hit by Anonymous for Pedobear networks, funding from Internews Network which brought in $56M in 2011, ACC: “this is Hillary’s techno-experts program”; Silk Road logo on site seizure page; JCD honeypot theory; NewsHour ordering MDMA and opium; Bloomberg gun seizure event; media “quoting” indictment
1:38:21Message from Nairobi: mall attackers left immediately via service tunnel
1:40:38Donation Segment: shutdown Boehner’s payback to Obama; limoncello babe’s odd dream
1:51:51Being Human 2013 transhumanist conference, Natasha Vita-More: “this type of immersivity, transparency, almost indistinguishable invisible-ty of technology”; 23andMe designer baby patent; Laughlin’s Eugenical Sterilization in the United States; Melinda Gates TED Talk: “these coercive policies weren’t even needed”; Ms. Micky: kill all the Chinese, Chinese tourism guidebook: don’t pee in the pool; Chris Anderson to Gates: “thank you for your courage”
2:16:46Tom Merritt on Popular Science disabling comments: “this is not up for debate, it’s science”; Marketplace: “your predictable, boring diatribes are ruining the internet for the rest of us”; breaking news: shots fired in Washington; bozo filters and blacklists; current PopSci articles
2:30:08“The hope is that the lights will be back on by in the morning …”
2:31:03The war on compounding pharmacies: H.R.3204 Drug Quality and Security Act
2:40:03Obama: “the same way you’d shop for a plane ticket on Kayak or a TV on Amazon”
2:40:28Thirteen Syrian rebel factions split to form Islamist Alliance; Twitter “hate-spewing hashtags”
2:44:32“Shelter in place” on Washington D.C. Giant Voice System
2:45:19Tesla fire: “oh that’s a Tesla, dude!”; Tesla stock down; JCD: “what collision?