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552 Almost Certain = Fact! (2013-09-29)

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0:00:00ACC: “Oh he like he’s cool, yeah yeah, so awesome, he’s awesome, he’s Tony Stark!” (2:48:05)
0:00:36JCD’s Otamatone; JCD opted out of Miss World, Miss Universe coming up
0:03:09Intelligence Committee hearings with Clapper, Alexander, Cole, Feinstein: “roaming incidents”, no collection when foreigners enter US, “the death and destruction we saw at the mall could have been at a mall in the United States” slam on NSA; al-Qaeda Inc with al-Shabaab and Twitter; Feinstein on Americans involved in attack; Holder testimony redux
0:16:01Rubio: “history in this country of abusing intelligence information for political purposes, obviously not in recent times”, FBI kiddie porn bust after info leaked to AP; funny “we’re not quite sure who to believe anymore” auto-play coincidence; Feinstein: “much of the press has called this a surveillance program; it is not”, Kohl fumbling: “reasonable articulable suspicion”, Feinstein on upstream collection, e-mail “bundling”
0:34:15Wyden on scripted questions; Dan Coats on classified information given to media, ACC: “I can’t even find out when my niece’s friend was in Japan”; The Fifth Estate out in three weeks; Greenwald-Scahill in on Dirty Wars, assassination program; Risen-Poitras SYANPSE NYT article; Udall question on collection limits; ACC: “I’m opting out”; NYPD flyer pushing iOS 7 upgrades, Apple mass bricking patent
0:54:52Producer Segment: ACC-JCD origin story; No Agenda Android app updates
1:09:50IPCC report: meteorologist Eric Holthaus inspired to get vasectomy; executive summary out for policy makers; “even more certainty”, “another wake-up call”, “climate services”, “global carbon budget”; CBS on warming pause: “another inconvenient truth has emerged on the way to the apocalypse”; IPCC confidence scale, degree of agreement; 95-100% “very likely”, hundred doctors meme origin?
1:27:38Eric Groten Clean Air Act EPA lawsuit, CO2 found to be toxic gas by SCotUS; patient zero James Hansen letter to Ecuadorian President against oil drilling; The Independent headline: “the financial markets are humanity’s only hope in the battle against global warming”; solar cycle implicated; Holthaus tweets
1:46:40CFL lightbulb lifespan; 110-year Livermore lightbulb, Phoebus Cartel and planned obsolescence, solid-state devices not immune, JCD M-Audio device and modem 5-year lifespan
1:54:58Donation Segment: one final Holthaus tweet
2:08:54The sibling bullying scourge; ACC’s sisters’ stolen plates blackmail story; Calling All Parents PSA, funded by ESET Foundation
2:14:33Bill Gates’ father in top Planned Parenthood management; Margaret Sanger an admirer of Nazi eugenics, 1932 editorial: “the Negro problem is one of the most complicated and important confronting America”; 23andMe dangers
2:22:39Obama on gun control after Navy Yard Biden-endorsed shotgun incident; no backpack full of ammo in the “chilling video”; Rachel Maddow on Sandy Hook tapes: “honestly, it breaks my heart to think about the audio of those calls being released”
2:30:21Hillary’s intro for Bill and Obama at Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting; Obama: “wherever we travel, all across the globe, we see the impact that it’s making every single day”, JCD: “rubble!”; Bill’s rambling Obamacare analysis, “we don’t need a four-year Presidential campaign” vs Ready for Hillary; differing opinions on the timing of Bill’s death
2:42:47Kerry: “promote tolerance everywhere”
2:45:25Distraction of the Week: SpaceX vs Orbital popularity