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551 The Tolerance Podcast (2013-09-26)

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0:00:00Female voice singing “No Agenda”, JCD: “Hit it!”
0:01:04ACC audio stutters; Sir Greg’s opera-singing daughter; ozone action day in Austin, White House ironic closed-door bi-visibility conference; the kale report; ACC technical difficulties
0:08:46Emmies: billion viewers claim downgraded, brazen Glee promo after Cory Monteith tribute; “Laura couldn’t be here tonight; she’s such a great actress that she didn’t even need to show up”; no one knew Henry Bromell died; Dalian Wanda $8bn Hollywood investment
0:21:52Obama to UN: “we will ensure the free flow of energy from the region to the world”, Scahill: “he basically came out and said, the United States is an imperialist nation”; Obama calls out Russia and Iran over Assad, $339M more for Middle East, total $1.4bn; vetting process for Syrian opposition; Iranian filmmaker on US-assisted Iraqi nerve gas attacks, UN ignored investigations; Obama details Middle East policy, “respect the sovereignty of nations”; JCD: Cold War, bullying meme a fractal of foreign policy
0:42:01Rockville public schools bullying report form: “teasing, name calling, making critical remarks”, “excluding or rejecting”; EU National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance: “group libel”, e.g., “Muslims are terrorists”, National Tolerance Monitoring Commission, Holocaust denial criminalized, JCD: “we need a tolerance podcast!”; “the production of … films and television programs promoting a climate of tolerance will be encouraged and, where necessary, subsidized by the government”; Mass Media Complaints Commission
1:03:14Producer Segment: JCD story on origin of “make it rain”; No Agenda CDs
1:18:30JCD sounding better on DSL compared to Comcast
1:23:44Upcoming IPCC report; Clinton and Gore on stage at Global Initiative in New York, Gore: extreme weather “way more common and way more severe”; new 95% of scientists number, Pechari on fifteen-year pause; Michio Kaku on trillion-Watt laser weather modification, JCD: “my eyes!”, CIA use in Vietnam era, ACC: “in the control room: oh shit! no he didn’t! no, no no! that’s classified!”, Savannah Guthrie: “alleged to”; Bill Gates “billionaire moron club”, TED talk on CO2: “bring that down to zero”, population control via “new vaccines”
1:42:38Common Core:; Ripley’s The Smartest Kids in the World, Finland education turnaround; National Governors Association form 990, P-20 Data Systems,
1:56:06Donation Segment: upcoming show 555
2:10:03Restaurant “what temperature would you like that?”, JCD: “dumbest thing I’ve ever heard”; food trucks with bandstand, JCD: “this is the Depression”
2:16:40Touré: “Kenya is located on the northern coast of Africa”, Kenyatta: “we have ashamed and defeated our attackers”, “mall” meme, al-Shabaab claim that Americans took part; “jihadi rapper” shot by splinter group; Sir Jeff Nairobi report, Swahili “in the morning”; origin story with warlords on CIA payroll after 9/11; Mike Sonko; airport terminal rebuilt by Chinese, Kenya’s largest lender; “sleeper cells” in neighboring countries
2:32:23Amy Goodman “deagbeat nation” Obama quote; Samuel L. Jackson: “be effing presidential”; Gavin Newsom at Americas Cup ceremony
2:38:52Google execs parking jets at Moffett Field; ACC on red dyed farm diesel
2:45:05DNI Clapper line of succession established, Red Book: two-to-the-head
2:48:41RT top 40 radio style Snowden package, echoing “a stranger in Moscow”; JCD Maury clip
2:52:26Ask Adam: media “acting responsibly” with Snowden documents vs Valerie Plame; ACC medical marijuana quality control; South Bay big data pre-crime program