Call Clooney!

54 Obama Armbands (2008-11-01)

Show 54 album art
0:00:31Dinner at Chapeau, JCD “dinner for two” reservation probe, OpenTable points; list of problems, entremet, rare beef and medium lamb, no doggie bags in Europe; hard-to-find “gem” 2005 Ch√Ęteau Canon Fronsac; banana-strawberry-kiwi in basil oil
0:15:42ACC home alone with mail pileup; UK tap water and wastewater metering estimate, ACC: “they have a meter on my ass”; UK in uproar over Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross prank call to Fawlty Towers’ Andrew Sachs; Michael Savage theory on newspapers losing numbers because of overt leftist bias, Russian skepticism after decades of propaganda, keeping the mythical “they” happy, super-rich Democrats, right-wing owners and left-wing reporters
0:34:30Obama kicks reporters from McCain-endorsing outfits off plane; British coverage focusing on race, Obama not African-American because of no slave ancestry, Al Sharpton “not black enough”; Howard Stern Harlem man on the street interviews, women’s suffrage petition; glossy Hollywood Obama-mercial, switch to live event “feature creep”, flat writing, JCD on Obama armbands, no homemade signs at DNC
0:53:09Obama calling McCain “Bush”, equates socialism with sharing; ACC on plan to double military and DHS, “new safer internet”, army of volunteers; $4bn for avian flu; Star Trek “Patterns of Force” Nazi episode, JCD recommends original Manchurian Candidate
1:01:52China’s activities in the Congo, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man “jackals” stirring up trouble with the “Hootsies and Tootsies”, duty-free goods market flood; JCD’s Deutsche Bank DTO ETN prospectus “the size of the Manhattan phone book”; ACC in love with Erin Burnett, Ben Bernanke live speech on “covered bonds”, Andrew Horowitz on $60bn going to salaries, Barclays raises $7bn from Saudi Arabia to stay independent
1:17:48No information from BBC on why the situation in Congo is happening, ACC: “where’s Bono?”, 1986 Hands Across America, “fail” meme; Le Touquet vacation destination
1:26:21JCD theory: surveillance with AGA stove as bait; 35% market share for Patricia’s live show, Piper Meridian, JCD on avoiding turbulence at 42k feet in 767, ACC on the danger of flying into cumulonimbus clouds, mini funnel clouds near Chicago; ACC recommends Hacking Democracy documentary