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549 Associative Propaganda (2013-09-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “I did my part, I texted 1-0-1-0 and my ten bucks went over there, and went in someone’s pockets.” (2:23:42)
0:00:37ACC in Los Angeles, Hollywood ghost town, cab driver on FaceTime with Russian hooker; Gold Show “someone’s getting cornholed today” evergreen; dinner with Frank Coraci
0:09:07Six-Week Cycle: enthusiastic tweets causing consternation with ACC’s friends; “war on crazy” origin in Aurora & Newtown; Navy Yard shooter “hearing voices”, two-name shooter, Ambien Amazon shopping; Rollie Chance misidentification, ID by Aaron Alexis’ body, Newtown similarity; multiple shooters rumor; SWAT team stand-down, Boston BATF; AR-15 rumors, Remington 870 & handguns taken from police, “ELF weapon” on stock, 3-30 Hz, submarine communication, vs microwaves, “mindcasting” patent 4877027; “Alexis from Texas”; survivors in “top-secret secure closets”; ACC: “you never see Piers Moron … until this happens”; Dempsey: can’t tell “whether it was a red flag or just something that flew beneath the radar”
0:31:31NSA remote neural monitoring; binary triggers and video games, drugs; reporters speaking gibberish; Robert Connors’ MKULTRA successor “Operation Sedgwick” video, alleged Michael Jackson phone call, Project Monarch; Adam Curtis and useless “man on the street” interviews; ACC’s Hot Pockets Tour earworm countdown
0:52:13Producer Segment: the JCD wake-up horn
1:02:16{Constitution, Citizenship} Day, Constitution Week; Mike Thompson on “taking away” 2nd Amendment rights; Republicans losing women in droves; history advanced placement book: “the people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia”
1:13:05Miss America 2013: ACC and Ms. Micky betting on Miss New Jersey; “listening to your phone calls from the nation’s capital, just kidding, I’m Miss District of Columbia”; Bob Barker, gay judges; JCD on timers: winner New York 22.79 sec, Florida booted at 21.69, Red Book: New York will step down because of ethnicity; Kansas the tatted reservist; Twitter hijacking
1:31:43Marie Harf on Syrian biological weapons: “we’re worried about every possible bad weapon”; UN report: testing only done on survivors, sample size of only 20 survivors, vintage BM-14 rocket, launch radius assumes BM-14 launcher; Nuland promoted to Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Jane Harman: “John Kerry should be nominated for sainthood”; Kucinich wins Assad interview over Stephanopoulos, Charles Krauthammer: “brilliant diplomat and a war criminal at the same time”, Iraq “blowback” meme vs Fethullah Gülen and $40bn charter schools, brought into US by Graham Fuller whose daughter married Tsarnaev uncle, Red Book: Turkey rubblization; Haiku Herman €1bn to Somalia in five years
1:56:46Donation Segment: World Airways; native advertising skit
2:13:14Miss America advantage for hosting state; Dexter “hookers and blow”
2:15:31Solidad O’Brien on Haiti’s 156 USAID houses, original goal 15k for $59M $95M, sub-sub-subcontractors; UN turned school into parking lot; 200 new jobs at five-star hotel, 90% unemployment; 300k in camps
2:23:50CBC on government-funded research gag orders; “associative propaganda” with evolution
2:29:11King Pils speech on “participation society” instead of socialism; Schäuble: Europe is fixed, White House: US is fixed, ACC rooting for Yellen and Clinton; Road to Roota gold standard theory and new $100 bill design, JCD on bundles of bills with drug origami
2:46:12Brian the Gay Crusader on McCain’s Pravda op-ed reference to anti-gay law, $31.6k per violation as revenue stream from Hollywood; Six-Week Cycle on sixth anniversary show