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548 Mournful Mortician (2013-09-15)

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0:00:00JCD: “They talk about it quite a bit, but the one you want to listen to is the girl from Al Jazeera. tsk tsk” ACC: “Yeah. laugh” (1:02:24)
0:00:00JCD’s “nine dog biscuits over two”; Free Flow of Information Act clears committee, all-in, Brolf on steering committee, ACC: “Congress shall make no law”,; Whistleblower of the Year Award; Salon David Brooks hit piece, Adobe funding
0:12:29Michelle Obama & Eva Longoria hyping bottled water, new Pepsi water, ACC’s Berkey purifier as seen on Infowars, ACC: “you could pee in this and it’ll come out clean”
0:17:51Intelligence National Security Alliance, Negroponte: “catalyst for public-private and academic partnerships”, sponsors Northrop Grumman and Raytheon, speakers Rogers and Ruppersberger, moderator Fran Townsend, Rogers: Putin “invaded South Ossetia”, NSA “technical violation” due to “glitch”; ACC’s 94 mph speeding ticket, JCD: “did he call you blondie?”
0:29:39Rogers: “Americans should be mad about this for all the wrong reasons that they’re mad about it now”, “bad guys overseas”, sentence-ending “right?”, “they stole that slide deck”, no information sharing with foreign intelligence; Ruppersberger: “it’s the lone woof”, doctors “putting plastic bombs in individuals”, Iran attacked Aramco, Russia attacked Georgia, $400bn in three years from cyberattacks; leadership
0:45:13Producer Segment
0:57:54No Six-Week Cycle yet, 9/11 drill at Boston airport
0:58:59300 missing in Colorado flooding, “difficulty in communication”, emcomm-obsessed hams
1:02:55Rappin’ jihadi killed; SITE’s al-Zawahiri 9/11 audio on attacking US economically; Bipartisan Policy Center on lone wolves, economy and budget cuts; Clapper’s “three s’s”, “sequestration, Snowden, and Syria”, “just to make the point, not a whistleblower”, IRTPA 2004, ICIT, 1990s 23% reduction, “power, space, and cooling”, ACC: “that is Utah”, “UBL”
1:17:56CBS’s Holly Williams in Istanbul; Kerry headed to Paris, JCD: “he looks like Odo”; Ifill’s conflict of interest, Presidential podcast: “a dictator must not be allowed to gas children, in their beds, with impunity”; James Kitfield: “he has that mournful mortician’s gaze”, “he sends these thugs into Sunni areas to rape and pillage and then puts it on YouTube”, ACC: “he’s a dentist, with a lisp”; Putin’s op-ed written by Ketchum PR
1:28:28Edelman PR report Sponsored Content: a Broader Relationship with the US News Media
1:31:23Donation Segment
1:41:10NPR “investment revenues” up $178M, expenses up $183M
1:43:44Juan Gonzalez symphony of “uh”s on New York City elections, going progressive, JCD: “we’re going right back to hookers”; E-ZPass RFID readers everywhere in New York, “slave tracking”
1:53:39TTIP and UNG natural gas “strike peg” analysis on January 2015 options
2:00:42Sunni mosque bomb north of Baghdad, 4k deaths since April; car bombs at consulate in Afghanistan; auto loans possible next bubble
2:04:43Producer note on Quebec Charter of Values change to prohibit wearing religious symbols
2:13:18Jerry Brown to sign bill allowing illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses and practice law
2:14:45U.T. Arlington report: bullying more likely at schools with anti-bullying programs
2:15:37Miss America teaser, tatted reservist Theresa Vail’s bogus blog
2:19:23Glenn Greenwald writing Snowden speech rumor, “sock puppet” comments; ACC Wikipedia scandal, TWiT chatroom; Burger King “Rick never takes me to the equator” advertisement following Cialis ad; ACC Kellog’s “goodness of grains” ad, ACC: “how gay is this cereal!”