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547 “Special” Cargo (2013-09-12)

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0:00:00JCD: “I’m sittin’ here in the back of the class, I’m gonna make a meme!” (1:21:46)
0:00:33Obama on US “unshakable shupport” for Israel (CotD); Charlie Rose to PBS on securing Assad interview; 9/11 birthday; Assad on evidence of chemical weapons: “you are a reporter, get this evidences and show it the public”, endless war due to “external agenda”, army “made of the people, it cannot be made of robots”, Rose on family control of military
0:19:05Kerry: “the Assad regime is the Assad regime”, “we have no issue about the question here of responsibility — there is none”; Assad on “opposition” within and outside government
0:23:21Putin NYT “plea for caution” op-ed taking issue with Obama’s “that’s what makes us exceptional”, abstract red hand graphic; Obama chiding Romney during election for calling Russia a threat: “the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back”
0:33:22Slick CBS Syria package on Kerry’s “he could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week, turn it over!”, Obama tries to walk it back, Hillary: “Russia has to support the international community’s efforts sincerely or be held to account”; Nikolai Filchenkov landing “special cargo” at Port of Tartus; Tufts University professor on death toll based on “number of rockets fired, wind patterns” computer models
0:44:02Producer Segment: JCD stories: Japanese creosote pills for nausea, Aric puking on plane
0:59:02New Snowden documents: NSA sharing data with Israel, iPhone fingerprint reader; Jacob Appelbaum accepts 2013 Whistleblower Prize on Snowden’s behalf, “he wanted me to talk about hope for change”, “it is important to talk about what each of us have as our personal agency”, Poitras & Appelbaum living in Berlin, note from Snowden, “the first time that I read it, I cried”, gratitude “belongs to the young people in college with a civil liberty sticker on their laptop, and the kid in the back of a class in high school making memes”, JCD: “Greenwald wrote this”; 2013 EFF Pioneer Awards, 75$ general admission
1:30:33Donation Segment
1:40:15NPR trivializes restoration of YMCA copyright to writer
1:43:36Anthony Weiner’s maniacal laughter with Lawrence O’Donnell
1:48:10Kerry-Kissinger meeting on day of 9/11 Chilean coup; Victor Jara’s widow describes Allende speech being replaced by military marches on radio stations in 1973 coup, murderer Pedro Barrientos not being extradited from US; protests in Mexico against energy sector privatization; NSA spying on Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and staff, former President: Obama “should personally apologize to the world”; Kaiser Alexander at Burning Man, replica Starship Enterprise bridge; ex-DHS official Stuart Baker on fictitious Iranian financial cyberattack
2:00:30Hurricane estimates being revised “because there have been no major storms”; Nigel Farage on Daily Mail photos of Arctic ice increases, “between fifteen and thirty years of global cooling”; Agenda 21 induced ice age for population control
2:07:48Revamped NewsHour: “Glen” Iffil and Judy Woodruff wrap-up with fist bump
2:10:28Leo Laporte outraged at NSA revelations, “I wanted to believe in the government”; Hill+Knowlton person at next O-bot dinner; H&K shill Niyirah al-Sabah in 1991 lying about Kuwaiti kids in incubators, double sniff possible tell, JCD: “oh, these are nice baby potatoes”
2:22:42“Sharpton cabal” extortion racket explained, “no blacks in board of Apple”, “looks like the Himalayas, because the higher you go the whiter it gets”; system perfected by Jessie Jackson
2:29:37Kaesong Industrial Region reopened; watching Kenya; NSA smartphone tapping; San Francisco Giant Voice System test in English and Chinese; iPhone “mark of the beast”