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546 Munich Moment (2013-09-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s all a great idea!”
0:00:32Addressing “connectivity woes” via Mumble; JCD “Are Americans Now the Enemy” column; ProPublica now in the mix, money from Sandler Foundation; JCD article on American public as “adversary”
0:15:31Al Jazeera America on cryptosystems compromised by NSA, “coincidental” release of Pew Research poll, 33% want to avoid “hackers and criminals”; ACC on The President’s Analyst film with phone company running country; National Day of Prayer & Remembrance, National Grandparents Day; new Australian PM Tony Abbott, Clive Palmer “Farage down under”
0:28:21Producer Segment: Berkeley hummer added to Urban Dictionary
0:36:19Biden all-in on Janet Napolitano for Supreme Court
0:37:45John Kerry shows off his French skills; Andrew Bacevich on Kerry promoting war with Syria; Kerry: “this is our Munich moment”; Bacevich on lack of results from decades of military intervention in Middle East; opposition fighter: bombing delay allows Assad to prepare; half-hour NewsHour litany of contributors, Margaret Warner on anti-American sentiment in Egypt
0:53:29Need to widen Panama Canal for LNG tankers; Tokyo gets 2020 Olympics, Greek $60k per household; TTIP at Vilnius meeting, Obama “not drawing an analogy to World War II”, draws analogy to World War II, #TTIP, next round in October, almost derailed by Snowden; Pia Hansen on TTIP “red lines”, weapons inspection report not due until October
1:04:30Feinstein on requesting DVD of evidence from CIA, “we are having that DVD multiplied”; videos leaked immediately, no female casualties; Samantha Power on UN’s uselessness
1:12:19Assistance waivers for Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tadzhikistan; Sheila Jackson Lee: “this is a president who captured Osama bin Laden”; Obama video: “governments representing 98% of the world’s people”, JCD on Halabja chemical attack; Syrian ambassador: “where is this Barack Obama?”; “aborrent” vs “hhhonored and humbled”
1:24:27Bacevich on gas vs conventional weapons, “why is waging war the best means to advance a humanitarian agenda?”; “Sham-Elysées” refugee camp, 20% of population refugees
1:32:11Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer launched
1:33:42Donation Segment
1:40:20Michio Kaku on LADEE looking at glowing lunar dust, cancer cure “old wives’ tale”, 2025 “Sputnik moment” with Chinese landing, “NASA, I think, is covering its back”
1:46:04Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: DSM-5 seminar, task force ran out of money, matched with ICD-10 billing codes, restless leg syndrome, potentially bogative dissociative identity disorder; angry producer on β radiation properties
1:52:24Al Jazeera America congratulated as “Al Zeera”, hot meteorologist Rebecca Stevenson; Marie Harf “this one time at band camp”
1:58:06Unemployment at 7.3%, part-time jobs with “low wages and few benefits”; German “social contract” 22-hour work week; search for US Ultimate Podcast Device manufacturers
2:06:57Der Spiegel on Germany’s costly transition to renewable energy, diesel wind farm backup; emergency Post Office rate increase; Christmas cards for top donors
2:16:51Drone strike in Pakistan kills seven, Predator B-roll; NewsHour on Israel’s Tamar gas field, Noble Energy investment, JCD: “we’ve rubblized the Middle East!”
2:23:51ACC trip to Marfa for O-bot art expo; JCD Alcatraz tour with Ranger Craig
2:25:30Hollande backs down on Syria; NYT runs pictures of rebels executing Syrian soldiers