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545 Lethal Aid (2013-09-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Why would they not be our lapdogs, they’ve been our lapdogs since Tony Blair.”
0:00:34Producer note on listening to Show 490
0:02:22C-SPAN “dog and pony show”; Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken making the rounds, spook wife Evan Ryan, “negotiated transition”, Judy Woodruff asks about “lethal aid” for opposition, “so Judy” prefix; Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Brolf: “dozens of countries” with US, can’t name any, plays Jewish mother card
0:17:51Ron Paul cut off by Brolf; Nancy Pelosi: “I am hopeful as the American people are persuaded that this action happened”, inane conversation with grandson; Bob Menendez: “this is not a declaration of war, but a declaration of our values to the world”; Blinken on “time-limited action”, unintended consequences talking points litany, “impunity” meme; Kerry on boots on the ground “in the event Syria imploded”; military producers: secret intelligence is German recording of Syrian military; Kerry: “Iran is hoping you look the other way”, “we have a map!”, “within minutes of the attack, ninety I think to be precise, maybe slightly shorter, the social meda exploded”; Putin: “Kerry lies openly, and he knows that he lies — this is sad”
0:35:25Kerry gets pissed at Rand Paul, Dempsey declines to back him up: “no not really, Secretary, thank you for offering”, goes off on Arne Duncan, “I’m gonna finish, Congressman”, “Mr. Chairman, point of privilege here!”; Code Pink “heckler” gives Kerry sympathetic last word
0:44:14Obama in Sweden: “I didn’t set a red line, the world set a red line”, chemical weapon use “aborrent”; 2003 Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act; original “red line”, Wes Clark Seven, Obama: “my credibility is not on the line”
0:54:36Nordic countries’ press release: all-in on Syria and TTIP “ambitious deal”, $10bn Qatari investment in Texas natural gas terminal to undercut Russia; Carl Levin on “war authorization”
1:07:00Producer Segment: $333.77 “triple threes on the knees”; JCD recommends Eraserhead
1:17:18Swedish morning show celebrates Obama visit by making mac & cheese
1:19:33Carl Levin: “we were assured today there will be a number of company, uh countries that would join with us”; lawyers in Penn State case on Sandusky’s book Touched map to victims; Obama on Peace Prize and Syria: “I started the speech by saying that compared to previous recipients I was certainly unworthy” vs actual words; “calculus” meme
1:30:46Nebraska Senator on Chuck Hagel’s assertion that Russia is providing chemical weapons, JCD: “Hagel is possibly a pathological liar”; Haiku Herman: “there is no military solution to the Syrian conflict”, possible Gazprom-Gasunie deal for UK; H.R.2771 Expedite Our Economy Act of 2013 for gas exports; investment possibilities, JCD: “it could be welding sticks for all we know”; Schmidt & Brin unloading vast numbers of shares
1:50:10The War on Chicken: PETA study shows chicken reduces penis sizes
1:51:41Clive Palmer accuses Rupert Murdoch of rigging Australian polls, “Hedley Thomas is like Black Caviar with a broken leg”, “Rupert Murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng is a Chinese spy”
2:00:46San Francisco Oakland Bay bridge opens 6 years behind schedule and at 500% of budget
2:01:37New Gates Foundation revamped NewsHour back on the air, new weekend show
2:05:22Dinner With the O-bots jingle; producer note on San Francisco privacy rally, ACC: “what a bunch of retards”; Marie Harf “broadly speaking” drinking game, deliberate obfuscation
2:11:26Donation Segment
2:29:34ACC story: cable companies “ditch diggers” in 1980s; Anthony Weiner deli meltdown
2:36:00BBC Fake-a-shima report on “deadly” 1800 mSv/h reading of β radiation at distance of 70μm