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544 Arab Winter (2013-09-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “I hate Tokyo. And the portions are so small!” (0:50:13)
0:00:34Young ACC’s glue high after building model airplanes; control line planes; light news day
0:03:40Iranian Press TV: Syrian rebels admit “gas attacks” were their own cock-up; “killing their own people” meme; giddy McCain enumerates all the exciting Middle East chaos to Piers Moron, laughing “would you ignore the stacks of dead bodies without a mark on them??”, on rebel use of chemicals: “pigs fly!”, stacked bodies “just a façade”; Raytheon stock two-week high, Congress grumbling about not buying enough Tomahawk missiles
0:17:36British Parliament vote to “short Raytheon”; Jay Leno: “why don’t we go bomb the runway … nobody’s being killed”, McCain: UN waste of taxpayers’ dollars“ because of bodies stacked up, British ”our dear friends but they’re no longer a world power“; Obama on ”global prohibition on the use of chemical weapons“; USA Today hit piece on Asma al-Assad, ”kindler, gentler face of a brutal regime“; Obama ”my military“ flub, seeking authorization from Congress bombshell, War Powers Resolution; Obama in 2011: Libya transition ”days not weeks“
0:36:32Producer Segment: The President’s Analyst film; ACC March Tokyo trip
0:56:22Labor Day, National {Ovarian Cancer Awareness, Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery, Childhood Obesity Awareness, Wilderness, Childhood Cancer Awareness, Prostate Cancer Awareness, Preparedness} Month; ACC’s upcoming 49th; British Parliament “unlock!”
1:01:27John Kerry’s lizard tongue lie tell, JCD adds Kerry laugh track; producer Drew Kerry/Harf talking points banjo compilation for end-of-show; Kevin Rudd “weapons of mass distraction, destruction”; David Brooks delivers WMD O-bot talking points, Shields invokes Iraq, no mention of Libyan chaos, “Arab winter”, Brooks on lack of coalition: “you can find some British and French sailors and stick them on the thing but they don’t really add much”
1:16:10“Free flow of energy” meme, $1.2bn sale of “other” to Saudi Arabia; Biden on prohibition on reimportation of “military grade firearms”; Prince Bandar offers Putin gas deal; Putin urges “Nobel Peace Prize laureate” Obama to show restraint, classified proof “below criticism”
1:24:02O-bot dinner: no one interested in talking about Syria; DoJ marijuana directive; professor Russ: internet brain control a “parlor trick”; 23andMe, JCD: “I found out that great uncle’s uncle’s grandfather’s father’s father was a Visigoth and he’s subject to toenail fungus!”, brain professor on immortality: “it’s just math”; ACC on short-circuited O-bot apathy; ACC’s watermelon gazpacho and overcooked lamb
1:42:35Donation Segment
1:56:51ACC using mutt(1) for e-mail; war on sysadmins due to Snowden
2:03:10Iranian cleric’s Syria prediction: “victory will belong to the resistance”; JCD on revenge for Lebanon, ACC: “I think ultimately … the end goal is to just have everything be rubble”
2:06:48Video on naming hurricanes after climate change deniers, “Senator Marco Rubio is expected to pound the Eastern Seaboard sometime early tonight” (CotD)
2:11:34Democrat congressman: Obama “will explain what he’s doing to the American people” in Syria; Ms. Micky’s psychology training and subpersonalities; BBC “George Clooney is a spy!”
2:19:34California bill to outlaw revenge porn, JCD preemptive ban theory, victim Holly Jacobs: “this is a form of domestic violence”
2:26:59Marie Harf: “the words speak, uh, speak, uh, much quieter than actions” on Syrian stalling; CIA spokeshole skit; no record of any Harf CIA press event, JCD: “I think Psaki is probably working at a coroner because she likes to dissemble corpses, I collected five feet today