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542 Gender Dysphoria (2013-08-25)

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0:00:00ACC: “You with the Crocs, me with the dress, oh it’s those guys … they’re so hip.” (2:34:25)
0:00:34More Fukushima fearmongering, “the country is getting ready to push the nuclear accident warning level to three”, “Japan’s top nuclear official is now comparing that plant to a house of horrors”, JCD: “whores??”; “GE Three” whistleblowers and The China Syndrome; upcoming IPCC report, depressed natural gas prices, Al Gore lies about hurricane category 6
0:11:16Newsletter now being routed into spam as well as promotions, Google extortion racket, Facebook promoted posts, useless Facebook invitations, useless new newsfeed ranking algorithm
0:21:29Producer Segment: new dog for the other Obama; No Agenda on CIA block list
0:48:54John Kerry clears four officials suspended over Benghazi, spokeshole stand-in Marie Harf, snotty “can I finish … thank you”; JCD on Larry David sidekick black man wearing glasses; “I think you’re using the term review in a way that I’m not using it”, “making decisions about real people and their careers”, JCD: “this will be her last press conference”
0:58:20NPR outs Chris Stevens as “openly gay”; Dutch “To Russia With Love” gay pride protest
1:01:05Amy Goodman interviews two doubly gay transsexuals about Chelsea Manning, ACLU lawyer Chase Strangio on “gender dysphoria”, Mitchell “can you tell us your story”
1:11:10McLaughlin Group’s Obama-bot Eleanor Clift: “I think he’s open to reining this in”, Mort Zuckerman propagates “54 plots” meme, Eleanor “he’s a Constitutional lawyah!
1:17:50And Now Back to Real News: Don Lemon’s message to Russell Simmons on prison origin of “saggin’”; Daniel Ellsberg to Larry King: rent Enemy of the State, director Tony Scott’s mysterious suicide, “they’re in your home right now, Larry, and mine”, “what they do is Tivo it”, “infrastructure of a police state”, Stasi blackmail meme; NSA increase and CIA cut; Robert Mueller preventing 9/11 meme; NSA “cooler”; film’s writer didn’t work for 12 years
1:34:48NSA “LOVEINT” on romantic interests; Mueller on abridgment of Constitutional rights civil liberties, “understandable and absolutely necessary if you want to protect the security of the United States”; Obama on spying on Americans due to “technical problems that they didn’t realize”, “this isn’t gonna cut it”; unique “adamcurry1999” IDs; Kardashian placenta-eating
1:43:40Donation Segment
1:59:13Obama heckled over Chelsea Manning and loses control of crowd, “we’re OK” to the goon squad, “hold on, hold up, hello everybody, hello!”; education cuts “like eating your corn seed”
2:02:48Everyone poised and ready in Syria, NewsHour on gas attack, reads long Russian statement with opposition as possible culprit; Marine colonel on DHS paramilitary, standardized police gear, “we’re building an army over here”; October FEMA region 3 event, CDC ordering antibiotics, November power grid drill; Obama meeting with the financial top brass; Larry Summers “end game” memo from Greg Palast, simultaneous global derivatives adoption
2:21:45Producer on public Wi-Fi MAC addresses logged for law enforcement; ACC to SPLC solicitor: “no, I hate them, they’re liars”; producer “I don’t believe in people getting on the ballot”
2:25:29Ray Suarez unable to get Army rep to discuss Manning; Samoan lava-lava man dress
2:30:52This Town author Mark Leibovich on celebritization of public service and reporting; JCD story: air pollution inspectors’ company cars and hounding people
2:39:06Rush Limbaugh’s ratings in the toilet, Obama on being told “I’m worried about what Rush Limbaugh’s going to say about me on the radio