Call Clooney!

541 Huge Samoan (2013-08-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “We can’t afford to do the show.” (1:46:59)
0:00:31Distraction of the Week: Bradley Chelsea Manning’s lawyer to Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie, switch from masculine to feminine pronouns after reading note; JCD Chelsea Clinton subversion theory, Bradley Manning letterhead; anti-Clinton conspiracy skit; 35-year sentence longest in history for leaking secrets, Obama’s war on whistleblowers, “chilling effect” meme
0:13:38Glenn Greenwald on “partner” David Miranda’s “work product” detention at Heathrow, journalists having access to classified information; Miranda “microfiche” meme, JCD on ridiculous flight times and costs, 7am departure, ACC on annoying UK customs, JCD: “another Glenn Greenwald branding exercise”, “thumb drive up his butt”; Miranda: “not one question” about terrorism; The Guardian laptop-destroying Spy vs Spy shenanigans, hot female spooks
0:30:53Intelligence community transparency website; Yahoo’s 60% of internet traffic; Gmail promotion black hole, Yahoo “meet singles in Berkeley” spam
0:40:36Producer Segment: Google-Mailchimp whitelist scam
0:52:34ACC recommends actually reading crappy software error messages
0:57:26Michael Hastings autopsy report released after not being cremated, laundry list of drug residues, eyes “cooked”, purple vs red top tube in coroner’s vs toxicology report
1:04:56The “so uh” scourge; “kid schools (someone)” video trend, Canadian anti-GMO teen interview; 12-year-old NPR call-in: “the name of my organization is Be Straw Free” (CotD); NPR CEO Gary Knell steps down, $250M bequest, bad podcast Steve Jobs cloud joke, “digital disruption”; dwindling local ads on NPR, national consolidation, dying media network model
1:28:12British war games off Straits of Gibraltar; Mokhtar Belmokhtar back in the world of the living and teaming up with Malian jihadis according to SITE Intelligence Group
1:36:23Samoa Air to charge by the pound, JCD: “oh for God’s sake, have you ever seen a Samoan?”
1:37:37Al Jazeera America’s out-of-context Hillary and McCain snippets; UN cholera in Haiti, stalking Ban Ki-moon; crappy sound quality; Young Turks doomed
1:47:09Donation Segment
1:58:31University of Texas NPPP Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project graduate student paper on preventing nuclear terrorism, hysterical report: “now researchers say those reactors remain vulnerable to attack!”; Arjun Makhijani’s IEER Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Sir Atomic Rod interview, “I don’t like nuclear power particularly, or at all”, fuel pool fire due to terrorism, “demand management”, smart grid “curtailment of service”
2:16:011970s global cooling panic; Ann Curry: some Arctic natives “have even fallen through the thinning ice and died”, “more than our fare share” meme; Dr. Don Easterbrook testifies at Washington State Senate hearing, 1930s heat wave, 25% as many heat records broken, NOAA & NASA have “tampered with the data”, Democrat Kevin Ranker: “is this a conspiracy?”
2:26:53Jon Rappoport on stories of interest to No Agenda: “these stories don’t have an ending”, “interagency warfare”; Austin–Bergstrom coffin probable suicide, ACC on emotionally distressed Marines in Iraq; Rachel Maddow’s rare moment of skepticism; Rappoport on NSA-CIA feud
2:36:41Al Sharpton on Ted Cruz: “experts agree Senator Cruz was a US senator from birth”; Rev. Manning “we gave him everything” rant, “and the nigga failed”
2:39:34Lara Tabatznik’s “self-hating Jew” father Anthony the origin of Bertha Foundation, ACC: “here is an example of a Jew influencing the media”; Roger Waters pushing for Israel boycott; Poitras’ My Country, My Country; David Miranda documentary footage theory